: Need Part Number 94 N* INTAKE MANIFOLD

07-08-06, 12:21 AM
I need help.

Trying to purchase Intake manifold gasket from GM parts direct,com but I don't have the P.N. and when I try to search their site a Blocked cookies issue arises that I cannot solve.

I am going to try to replace a FPR in 94 Concours 4.6 N* and have read posts that this model has FPR concealed under intake manifold in addition to the beauty cover.

Under a shade tree in St.Louis MO. Expect to drink 2 gal of iced tea.

If you know part number please advise. Local dealer will not give the part number, suspect that he has provided P.N. to others and they went online.
Can't blame him, he missed a sale, but he did not have to react so overtly.


07-08-06, 01:23 AM
you din't need it, the 94 fpr is not under the manifold, it is on the drivers side rear, just remove the manifold (manifold cover is actually functional on 94 n* not, repeat not a beauty cover) cover(DO NOT RUN ENGINE W/COVER REMOVED)and bleed the fuel pressure and remove the fpr from the fuel rail (granted it is a bit more complicated than that but not much) good luck!

07-08-06, 10:38 AM
Cadijeff is correct, it is not under but inside of the intake manifold. I suspect an intake manifold is pretty expensive. Save your money, you don't need one. I believe the gasket is reusable as well. While you're in there, clean the carbon out of the phenolic spacers aka mouse holes.

07-10-06, 05:49 PM

I removed the manifold and immediately understood what I had read in a post about not needing a vaccum hose to connect the FPR it was right where you indicated and the entire manifold environment provides the vaccuum.

The first surprise I had was in bleeding the fuel pressure. I removed cap from schrader valve and pushed in a reasonable amount. Nothing , try again Nothing. Car had been setting over night and was cold engine. One of the torx bolts that hold the manifold was slightly loose like a careful tech had missed it in tighting sequence.

The really big surprise was the manifold gasket itself. Well thought out, designed and mfg. I started to pull it up in order to remove it from top of FPR. Uh Oh , I think I and pulling up the Fuel injectors , should I be in this deep ? I peered into one hole and realized I was looking into the chamber.
A stubbon part adjacent to the FPR did not want to allow me to lift up the gasket and replace the FPR. I saw a number of wires/modules that did not want to move w gentile force. At that moment I determined , Do NO harm, I am closing her up. My intent was only light surgery. Carefully torgued the bolts. Waited 5 , turned key waited 1 min. START. Wonderful. I did no harm.

I need more info . Back to the Forum.


07-10-06, 06:39 PM
There should be a large "C" type clip that holds the FPR in place. See hot to check for a faulty FPR in the TECH TIPS section. I think there may even be some pics (though pmost likely for '96 or later). Also if the car had set overnight and you had no fuel pressure to bleed off in the morning, it just means that the fuel pump check valve is bleeding down. Not a big deal if it is a slow bleed off.