View Full Version : Front turn signal repair with photos

07-07-06, 12:31 PM
I remembered to bring the camera! Amazing. Car is a 97 Eldo Touring Coupe, I had a front left turn signal inoperative.

I knew the front left turn signal/turning lamp lens was cracked, and I could see the water in there, but of course I ignored it. Upon inspection, I see that the old bulb socket is severely rusted, from bathing for so long, and it is irreparably damaged. Oddly, the other bulb & socket, for the turning sidelamp (clear bulb) looked fine.

Thus, I decided to replace the lens housing, and replace the bad socket, all at once.

Plug for Crest Cadillac in Brookfield, their prices on these parts were the same as Rock Auto, and they got them in one day. Everything was around $80-$90, I believe.

Step one is to open the hood. You will see a plastic cover over the lights in question, with 2 small tabs. Rotate the tabs 90 degrees, and the plastic piece can be lifted up and off.

Now, you will see the 2 bulbs, plugged into the light housing itself. This may be easier if you remove the light housing now... I didn't, but it might be easier. There is a 10 milli-meter bolt right on top.... a 10mm socket, 1/4 inch ratchet, and a 3-inch extension will make easy work of that.

The one bolt is all that holds it, besides 2 tabs on the rear portion, where it meets the steel bodywork. Tilt it out from the front, and pull it away. There's not much slack in the wires, so be careful.

The bulb sockets (2 of them) will be visible. They rotate clockwise around a quarter turn and then come out (viewed from the rear). Note that the turning lamp (big white one) has a locking tab on it, far side, that must be pressed in a little, before it will turn. The turn signal/marker light (amber bulb) has no such tab... it will just turn. If it won't turn, try pushing IN and turning at the same time. Shouldn't be that hard.

As you can see in the photo, my old socket was toast. Cut it off as close to the old socket as you can, to give you as much wire as possible to play with. Mine was all taped up with electrical tape... I carefully cut the tape off for about 4 inches, to give me some play in the wire.

The GM Socket part comes with the crimp connectors, so you're all set there, if you get a GM part.

The wires will match color-to-color, although as you can see in the photo, the white wire on the car is kind of blue looking, where the new part was pure white. Brown and black were identical.

Strip the wires and crimp those connectors on. My pigtail of wire on the new lamp is actually too long, as you can see.... I was afraid of screwing it up, and getting caught short. You could leave less wire, and have a neater final outcome.

After it's crimped, as you can see in the photo, test it. Looks good. I went with a new bulb right away too.... had it laying around. They sell them 2 at a time, and I needed one for the Tahoe.... same bulb. The GM connectors are also heat shrink, so, carefully, heat them with a lighter, they will shrink up nicely. I retaped it all with electrical tape as well, as that's how it was originally done.

Plug the sockets into your new not cracked left turn signal housing.... heh heh, nice. No more cracks. Slide the tabs in the rear into the fender, tilt it into place, and replace the 10mm bolt in the top.

Test it again, good. Replace the plastic piece on top, and you're done! Piece of cake!