View Full Version : Lexus ES350 test drive

Lord Cadillac
07-06-06, 06:54 PM
...when I returned the IS250 I asked to take a couple of test drives in other vehicles.. The ES350 is absolutely insane! It's quick! Loads of power off the line. It felt faster than my DeVille DTS. Very, very quiet inside. Very, very soft ride. Very roomy.. I think the ES350 is about as good as the LS430 besides having a little less power and MAYBE a little less of a soft ride - but you can bearly tell.. The ES350 gives the LS430 an excellent run for the money.. Lexus is lucky the LS460 is on it's way.. For half the price, I think the ES350 is the better car! I think I might even like the styling better than the current LS... I was very, very impressed...

07-06-06, 07:42 PM
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, the ES350 is quicker than a DTS in the 1/4 mile, not by much though.