: Lexus IS250 test drive

Lord Cadillac
07-06-06, 06:52 PM
My wife's RX went in for scheduled service and they gave us a Lexus IS250 to drive for the day. Pretty nice car. Definitely very small inside - a little cramped for me. I couldn't put my left arm up by the window without it falling off. But the car drove very nicely. Not soft like the LS by any means - but it handled very well. This was the slower version of the IS and it was pretty quick. It had plenty of power.. Maybe not enough to race with, but no problem merging or anything like that. Of course, it was very well-built. Definitely an excellent car for the money...

07-08-06, 07:04 AM
for the money...


07-14-06, 07:52 AM
Gotta agree. That car is only 'interesting' in 350 form. And even then, its no bang for buck. I'd never get the IS250 over a G35 sedan or CTS 2.8L.