: Dvd player in Navigation

07-05-06, 11:29 PM
OKay guys i need help!!! Is there any way to disable the nav from turning off a dvd as soon as I take my fooot off the brake. I see no point to the dvd player if as soon as i take off it stops! Whats the point!?! Not to mention my bluetooth still doesnt work! The dealer told me they dont know how to fix it so basically im SOL!

Benjamin Simon
07-06-06, 08:42 AM
I do not know if we know the fix yet for the DVD in drive. (Infering you have a STS) You might want to do a search.

07-06-06, 09:21 AM
Please use the search and find MANY threads on this subject. The DVD functions as well as others are disabled when moving faster than 5mph.