: Does your car do wierd things?

07-05-06, 03:56 PM
Lately my '90 Brougham has been doing things without my consent. Like a few days ago for instance, I was driving down the road on a Sunny day, and my windshield wipers just came on out of the blue. They swiped about three times and then stopped, then a few minutes later they swiped once and finally retracted. And I never even touched the wiper switch. Then today when I get a spash of water from another car, I try to turn them on and nothing happens. The switch is completely dead, and I get the "Washer Fluid" light when I press the button even though I just filled it.

Then sometimes my Headlight sentinel will engange right in the middle of the bright of day - the instrument cluster gets so dim, I can't see a thing, so I jst have to turn it off all together. What's up with that? My state inspection sticker is in the lower left corner of the windshield, you don't suppose that's making a shadow and setting it off?

Another wierd thing is sometimes my cruise control will engage itself without me pressing the button (the switch is on, though). It's like something grabbed the pedal out from under my foot, and floored it - I breaked immediately and turned the switch off.

Does anyone else's car do these things? Or is mine just getting old. It's funny that all the functions acting up are in that instrument column to the left of the steering wheel. Is that area prone to malfunction, or do I need all new switches?

07-05-06, 07:23 PM
I have to wonder if wires from the left side controls have chafed as they go down thru the steering column shaft and are shorting out.

A similar thing happened - although not so spectacularly - to a neighbor's Ford pickup which started blowing its horn at random. The wire was simply chafing along the tube down the center of the steering column.

Maybe the guys withh more knowledge and experience with Cadillacs can be of more help than I, but this is my best guess.:)

07-05-06, 08:38 PM
Thanks Rick,

I'll check those wires; the switches are probably fine, but I'll find out.

07-06-06, 03:26 PM
If I recall on the 90s the blinkers cruiser washer fluid and all that junk is all on the blinker switch? There are tons of wires run up to this thing and if the switch is worn or the column is loose it really messes with stuff. My 88 chevy had that problem when the steering column started getting sloppy. U couldnt turn the brights on or off sometimes they would get stuck on and the wipers would just do whatever they want. Glad my cruise never kicked in though, that would piss me off