: Resurrected!

07-04-06, 11:58 PM
A little update on that hearse we purchased back in may. Finally saved up the money to insure it for the summer and register it! It's taken 3 trips since then. Into the shop for repairs, hauling band gear to one of our gigs, and to the Canada car show in Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

The car's only rust (rear innerfenders) has been repaired in the proper manner. Got 4 new tires, new filters, shocks, oil, transmission filter, and fuel lines. Also, new brake lines, shoes, cylinders, calipers, pads and master cylinder. The drums and rotors were fine, so we just machined those. The fuel gauge had ceased to work, but it ended up being a simple wiring problem. The car was running terribly rough and had no power brakes upon purchase. This was traced to the EGR vavle. In addition to making the engine idle terribly, it wasn't giving the booster enough vaccum, so the brakes were also affected. The carb was removed and inspected, but it was fine and dandy. Car performs flawlessly now, getting going, rolling, and stopping. No one mentioned that the 368 was such a peppy motor! You barely have to touch the pedal and the car leaps forward. What a change from the '89's 307 power. :rolleyes:

The cooling system is fairly new, and everything else checked out except the exhaust, which is leaking at the cross-over pipe. This pipe is a $240.00 part, so we're going to have a nice quiet set of duals put on later this summer. The only other issue is a small rock chip which we're having fixed this week. If that spreads, a new windshield would be costly.

This thing turns some heads, and was a hit at the show. A few people noticed the similarities between the '89 sedan and the coach, but most people who wandered over just wanted to peek in the back. Enjoy!


07-04-06, 11:59 PM
The rest:


07-05-06, 04:02 PM
The hearse is definitly clean, but I just can't drive one on GP, just too "haunting" for me, but hey it still an over-all nice vehicle, throw some rims and sound system in the back and that will be a sight to behold, hahahaha.