: Saw my first Saturn Sky up close today

07-03-06, 05:59 PM

Holy crap that is a nice car. They're a little underpowered from what I read, but good heavens - they're a little underpriced too!

The local Saturn dealer had this one on display at a festival site today, and there are two more running around town, one red and one yellow. The red one, I swear, is sex on wheels. Kudos to GM! :worship:

07-03-06, 09:08 PM
Pictures don't do the car justice, I've seen a few at the grocery store and they're gorgeous. The price tag doesn't hurt the wallet that much either, few cars can be had for $20,000, let alone be an exotic-looking convertible! The mileage isn't great (around 20 mpg) and it definetly needs a larger engine option (only produces 170 hp). Other than that, I love it!

I'm more partial to the Solstice though. I just think it looks a bit more streamlined. I just don't see how there is a $4,000 price difference between the Sky and the Solstice (Solstice is $19,000 vs Sky at $23,000). Has anybody figured that out?

07-03-06, 09:28 PM
haha I saw a yellow one today when I went to Target. I haven't been a big fan of Saturns, but this makes me interested. The body lines are so nice.

07-03-06, 10:29 PM
*cough* chick car *cough* :leaving: :getaway: :hide:


07-03-06, 11:09 PM
*cough* chick car *cough* :leaving: :getaway: :hide:


Not when you stuff an LS2 or LS7 under the hood...then that Sky gets major nads.


B Hoth
07-03-06, 11:11 PM
The power shortage has allready been addressed. The Saturn Sky Redline will have a 260hp supercharges Ecotec motor (as will the Solstice GXP). I've seen the car and test results.(0 - 60 in 5.2 seconds) The Redline will start at $26,995 (so said the dealer) The Pontiac is about $2,000 less. The waiting list I hear is allready 3-4 months worth long and the first ones aren't even available yet. They definitley have a hit on their hands. There is a caddy version being considered for 2009-2010 with the 3.6 under the hood. There is a pontiac with an LS2 V-8 running around allready that was the fastest car ever through their handeling course and stopped from 60mph in a retina detaching 99 feet. 0 - 60 in under 4 seconds and low 12 sec 1/4 mile on street tires. Can anyone say poor mans Corvette.(The supercharged one - the V-8 modded one is nearly $80K.)

07-04-06, 12:49 AM
Not when you stuff an LS2 or LS7 under the hood...then that Sky gets major nads.


No offense to anyone, but no matter what is under that hood, I can't get over how the outside looks. Not a fan of cars that look like that. More power to whoever does though :thumbsup:

07-04-06, 02:08 AM
*purchases Malett Solstice, drives up to Meg's house and honks*

You'd poop yourself the moment you heard the exhaust.

07-06-06, 10:21 AM
where do you get your info hoth?

the ecotec will be TURBO charged for the gxp and redline
about 260 hp and 260 torque from factory.

the ls2 conversion from mallet (the most expensive) is 20k including engine, not 60k (20k for the car + 60k = YOUR 80k)

gm has a build book and parts to take that ecotec up to 1400 hp


and there are tonnes of premade parts from gm that are available to the public, in fact the build book has the part numbers listed so you can just go ahead and order all the parts to build your ecotec to 600hp

07-06-06, 10:48 AM
I went to a Saturn dealer yesterday (shut up, I had a reason to be there!) and I sat in a silver one on the showfloor. I was really impressed, it's a great looking car that's assembled very nicely. Even if it is only 177hp, it's still plenty quick for me...0-60 in about 7.1 or so, just a bit slower than an ETC.

Now if Saturn could just make a 4 seat coupe look this sexy....

Night Wolf
07-06-06, 10:53 AM
Both of the cars are really awesome, the Eco is a great engine, and they will be getting forced induction from the factory to go fast(er)

If I wasn't getting a Jeep next, it'd be one of these.

07-06-06, 11:52 AM
I saw that same yellow one today, and got a picture of it on my phone. My finger got a little in the way though :thepan:


07-06-06, 05:21 PM
Your finger is casting a huge shadow over the parking lot!

Lord Cadillac
07-06-06, 07:20 PM
I have to admit that I love the Saturn Sky as well.. I guess it's really Opel who designed it, right? Whatever. It's a hot car if you ask me...