: Transmission additives.....

07-02-06, 11:05 PM
I got this bottle of red transmission additive from a friend that got it from a friend. The bottle says that it is factory approved, but doesn't say much more than that. The name of the stuff is Lube Guard automatic transmission additive. I went to the company website, but all it had was the standard hype that all these companies have. There product is the best! Has anyone heard of this product or used it? The info on the bottle is impressive, but those are only words. It is what is in the bottle that I am really interested in learning about. My tranny is OK now, but if this can get me extra life out of it, I am thinking of using it. If not, then it will sit on the shelf until I know that I have a dead tranny in some car and see if this "magic snake oil" actually does any good.. Junk.....

07-03-06, 02:05 AM
Don't know anything about Lubeguard, but a couple years back my old TH400 would shift into reverse really slow (i.e 15+ seconds). I put a bottle of Lucas Trans Additive in, and that was the end of that problem. Case in point that some of these "wonder products:stirpot: " really do work.

07-03-06, 08:48 AM
As a safety engineer for an insurance company, trying to evaluate a company making various such products like the subject above for the insurance company's underwriters, I learned that the products are called - in the trade - MOUSE MILK. :thumbsup:

Some of them work, some of them don't. Often it depends on the quantity of the specific additive within the mousemilk (i.e.: you have to use 2 of the thing to get the desired result). Then there's the ancient mousemilk of STP which is a viscosity improver. Tossing that into your crankcase might take your 20W up to 30W or better and help your tired old engine from burning too much oil.

However, there was a horrendous lawsuit triggered by a municipal government when a mechanic dumped more than a few cans of STP into the crankcase of a clapped out squad car and totally destroyed the motor. Many PD squads are clapped out toward the end of their lives anyway and the case was tossed out after all was said and done and STP did and does have its uses. (Some guys I know swear by it for an assembly lube!)

07-03-06, 11:42 AM
STP is essentially VII, Viscosity Index Improver. A normal oil additive to help thinner oils work as thicker when they warm up. Good and bad. My Olds 350 idled at 10-15 psi. Probably normal, but I felt it was low. So my friends dad said to swap in 20W50 and 2 things of STP. It idled at 35 after that. I was happy... (that was back many moons ago)

I have heard LubeGuard is actually friction modifiers, which is very important to a trans. Which is why fluid in the trans needs to be changed every 30K or so.

I have run 10-20% engine oil (synthetic 10W30) in my trans (4T60 not E) and has run fine, it is a bit thicker, and if anyone questions the reliability, the car has 275K+ and has never been touched. I know, I had the car for 250 of that and we gave it to my neighbors and they still drive it. That was 2 years ago...

Running 10-20% engine oil in a trans is an old RV trick, it helped cool the trans and build up some additional oil pressure in the trans.

I wish they made different viscosity trans oils!!

As for GM approved? Stop by the dealer and ask, I don't think so. GM doesn't evaluate and approve aftermarket additives. GM typically will void your warranty for using them, except GM EOS (Engine Oil Suppliment, which is basically assembly lube, a bottle of ZDDP in high concentration, so if you want to use other than 15W40 CI-4 oil, you NEED to run it with conventional engine oils, synthetic included, they all lack ZDDP with the current SM forumlation), which is GM blessed.

Read your owners manual, it will talk about it some.