: 1993 FWB Auto Level Control keep runs too much

07-01-06, 04:54 PM
Does anyone here know where to get New rear shocks at the best price for my 1993 FWB? I am looking for the airlines from the pump to the shocks also. My auto level control for my rear shocks does not run all of the time but it comes on and off a lot. I think I have a leak. I want to fix this before the pump wears out. Any help is appreciated.

07-01-06, 04:55 PM
Another question. is there a fuse I can pull out to stop the air pump?

07-02-06, 12:10 AM
My '94 Srvc Man shows maxfuse #9 (under hood) is on the direct line to the air comp. Also, fuse #12 and #26 are on the Electronic sensor circuts, but #26 also controls the rear compartment courtesy lamp. I've never pulled them, but #9 should do the trick.

The best price for rear shocks is a tough item. If you want OE parts, they aren't available anymore, but you can still find some stock in warehouses. Full retail is about $250.00 There are a lot of aftermarket units also for a lot less cost. Some major shock manufacturers make an air shock, such as Monroe, and Gabriel Hijacker. There are also some specialty product makers too.

Any auto parts store can order you an air shock line kit if they don't have it in stock. I even saw one on eBay, 8059280870. Air lines come with any pair of aftermarket air shocks, so don't think you have to buy the tubing separately. A separate "T" fitting may be necessary, depending on how you connect the new shocks, as the OE fittings will not work with aftermarket shocks. When I replaced my OE shocks, I used the original air line to the rear axle, and just added the new line with a "T" fitting to the two air shocks.

07-02-06, 02:13 AM
scurling, thanks for the information. Can the aftermarket shocks like Monroe or Gabriel work the same as OEM shocks? I just wondered if they have the same amount of travel opening. I looked at my rear shocks and the rubber has cracks that could be leaking. Do you know what a replacement air pump cost? I hope mine lasts a while longer. thanks easymoney$$$$

07-02-06, 06:14 AM
You could always buy a set of Caprice rear springs and match them with $130.00 a pair Monroe Severe Service shocks and this will eliminate the problem forever.

07-02-06, 03:10 PM

obviously there are a number of locations that could be leaking on the air ride level system. You can always do the old liquid soap test to find the leak in accessable areas.

As you might gleen, a numner of our compadres have done away with the air system to avoid the hassles you (and I) are experiencing. That will be my route eventually, but as long as I can get the parts, I will try to keep all the systems running.

New air shocks will come with the correct air line connectors. When I needed a pair, I just looked for an air shock with the FTWD application. I didn't have to make an off-application work. The FTWD is on most of the application lists for national brand air shocks.

As far as the air pump, I don't think they are available any longer at the dealer, and besides the price would be unbearable. That would definitely be a junk yard part in the future for me, or I'll look up some old threads and do what others have done with std shocks.

07-02-06, 07:50 PM
The level control on our '93 runs a LOT too, and has done exactly that since the day we bought it.

Basically, just sitting out in the driveway, I'd say once every 10 minutes it runs for a few seconds. Never once had a battery drain issue or anything--shockingly--and my father never seems to believe me when I say how that's a sign there's a leak and the shocks are shot, but oh well.

This was confirmed by the fact that his '92 Roadie with 200k on it only levels when you load it, and my '95 FWB feels a heck of a lot more stable on the road than the '93 and also only rarely ever runs for a second when you REALLY load it. The '93 just sits there going almost constantly, but it does lift and stays off while driving. Actually, that's strange too--with people & stuff going down the road, it takes a while to pump up enough, but then stays off after--runs constantly empty and parked in a level driveway though:rolleyes:

Going with standard shocks, for sure, when these ones do ever get replaced.