View Full Version : 93 runs rough when hot.

silver duke
06-30-06, 12:11 AM
hi guys, my 93 sts runs rough only when hot . feels like a miss,stutter,.i already replaced the plugs,ign wires. no change, car never set any codes till today. however i don"t know if they are related to this problem.today. the abs light came on and the traction disabled came up. i checked codes got: p137,io32,a015 all current. (traction ctrl). i tried to take pcm snapshot, gave me pd01-.9. pcm input said lo 0 pi70? the pcm snap shot -.9 pdo1 never changed from idle or as i was driving. bad tps? i'm thinking of changing the coil packs ,tps and fuel filter,and clean egr. sts has 120 miles.never stalls but runs very rough when hot ,idling at lights and under load but no rpm drop off. any ideas i need to fix this asap

06-30-06, 04:56 PM
All 8 injectors working?

silver duke
06-30-06, 06:35 PM
when the car is cool it runs fine. after about 45 minutes to an hour the problem starts . when i let it cool down it is ok again but when hot same rough running and loss of power bad vibration shake at idle. i think if i had a bad injector the problem would be there all the time?