: Finally updated my cardomain page

06-28-06, 08:25 PM
Well I finally got around to updating my cardomain page since I got my wheels on . Let me know what ya think.


06-28-06, 09:21 PM
Nice touch! :D

Everything on that car is in outstanding condition.

06-28-06, 09:48 PM
That car is very sweet. I love that classic Cadillac body style. My first Cad was a '78 Coupe DeVille. Loved every minute of it.

06-28-06, 09:56 PM
Thanks .The hat in the middle is mine and the little ones I found in the doller store for the kids. Now I have to find one for the wife. You should see the looks we get driving around jambin to Sir Mix A Lot's Big Butt song.