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02-03-04, 11:21 PM
I found this company that makes a muffler (I think) called the Aeroturbine that they say gives you 10-15% increase in power for $200. What do you guys think?

Check it Out:

02-04-04, 12:57 AM
Steamy BS. Truly accelerating the exhaust, unlikely. Better than straight pipe, possible, since many modern cars do require some backpressure. So if it's sucking from the motor, that's counter-productive. And 10-15% increase in power? Somehow I doubt that one a bit. 5-10% maybe, but 10% is a pretty chunky gain. Think of it this way, 10% gain is 30 horses on a STS. While this sort of thing is possible in the rare case, (Think of a choked up motor, like a sports car motor in a luxo car.) even a 10% gain is asking a lot from just mufflers. As an example, I dyno tested about 5-6% gain from my mufflers. Think this is another Tornado Fuel Saver deal here. Possibly helpful in the very rare case, but for the bulk, just a pile of BS.

02-04-04, 05:02 PM
They've measured the reduction in backpressure, and its only about 1 PSI.

Spiraling does not effect it as much as you think. Theres only so much change you can do on how efficient the gas flows with spiraling it. Jet engines follow how smoothly the air is injected into the engine to reduce turbulence and allow for more volume = better performance and efficiency. Just because its spiraling, doesnt mean your allowing vast amounts of more air/gasses in. The volume stays about the same, it just goes in or out faster.