: Holy Brougham!

06-25-06, 10:34 PM
Click on the link below to get the whole picture.


06-25-06, 11:05 PM
Holy rust Batman!

DopeStar 156
06-26-06, 01:19 AM
Ouch... it scares me to think what's under my rocker molding, but at the same time I'm glad my car doesn't have those big plastic molding parts on the side.

06-26-06, 01:40 AM
Oh my god! now I'm scared shitless.

06-26-06, 04:14 AM
I've seen worse up around here, with all the road salt and other corrosive crap they spew on our roads from October through April,,,,,,,,,,but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. Too bad, that's all. Too damn bad.

06-26-06, 09:27 PM
Yikes remind me never to buy a car from states where they salt the roads... (well then again my Mass. ETC is rust free.) That's still scary.

06-26-06, 09:38 PM
At least I'm not the only one disgusted by it. It's gonna be fixed before the summer's over. I'll make some modifications to keep the salt from building up behind the moulding. Will post pictures.

She might be drafty be she runs good!

06-26-06, 09:44 PM
if the person cleaned his or her car more often that wouldnt of happen. The purpose of washing the car is to clean the car of elements which you see they never kept up and did

06-27-06, 06:49 PM
probably never had a coat of wax in its life!

06-27-06, 07:43 PM
It's unfortunate that rust happens, but this is fixable. It's much worse than mine ever was, I had only several coin-sized spots where the top of the molding is, but POR-15 and a little body work took care of everything, permanently! This Brougham will look good again!

06-27-06, 08:06 PM
This is a common problem is this part of the country. The salt gathers behind the trim and stays there unless the trim is taken off and cleaned.

I feel it's a design flaw. The trim should have been sealed so nothing could get under it. Same thing with vinyl tops. There is always rust under an old vinyl top.

I'm going to cut and grind the rust out then seal the area with a rust preventive. Next I'll cover the area with galvanized sheet metal probably using screws. Then I'll install the trim over all this mess and seal it to keep the elements out.

I've done this to other cars. It's cheap but it works.

Thanks for all the replies.

06-27-06, 08:10 PM
This is why I don't drive my Cadillacs in the winter, its just not worth it.

06-27-06, 11:01 PM
Man that's a 91 too! All the Broughams in that condition that I've seen around here are atleast an '86.

06-28-06, 04:55 PM
I hope nobody here owns that car, with me saying the car is a piece. I have parted out better/nicer ones then that.

Its those damn body side mouldings... yea they are nice,, but thats where all the 90-92's rust the worse.

06-28-06, 09:43 PM
I think if my '90 ever starts rusting like that I'll just sell it, call me a bad person, but I don't like that car enough to put new doors on it. I want to get a red '74 Eldorado convertible in its place. then again, who dosn't lol. but so far no rust exept a quarter sized dot on the inside of the trunk lid that I have to fix. other than that, the car is pretty much mint - and I'm picky.

06-28-06, 10:54 PM
I bought it for $700 last month. Mechanically sound. Runs smooth and quiet except for U-joints. I'll fix them myself.

I've fixed rust that was worse. An 84 Buick Park Ave I owned had the roof rusted so bad under the vinyl I could almost pull it off with my hands.

A gallon of bondo later, good as new (at least it looked OK). It passed inspection and I sold it.

06-29-06, 08:21 PM
Are you planning on a fix and sell or are you going to keep it?

Really... the doors are not repairable.. or worht putting the time into. It will never stop. Specially when you have holes liek that... the metal went AWOL. lol.
Your better off getting nicer doors/better ones. you have to repaint those ones anyways. Its just going to come right back threw. More work then teh doors are worth, or the whole car at that rate with all the rust repair.

$200/// fairly rust free except for the two back doors on the lower lip.. some rust started.
Went to the junkyard Tuesday for scrap after i stripped it down.

06-29-06, 10:48 PM
It really isn't hard to repair this. Most of the damage is behind the trim so when it goes back on it will hardly be noticed.

This is my hobbie anyhow. To take a POS and turn it into something decent without spending a lot of money. Not that this Brougham is a POS. Far from it. With 111K miles it can still go a long way.

Love my Caddy!

06-30-06, 09:39 PM
:bigroll: :holycrap:
Let us know how it works out.
I work in a body shop and went to school for it... Thats bad. I guess you can say its repariable.. but you will never get it all by the time you cut it all out... patch it up slap some mud on it and block it and paint it.. the car still is a 92 brougham with 111k. I see one dor there half the bootm egde is missing... doors arent worth repairing. No one else will probably say something this "harsh" idk why.. but its true.

Whats the point of even fixing all the holes behind the panle if they are going to get coverd?

I think better doors are a better start. I may be the only one here though... :thumbsup: