: No interior lights drove me nuts!

06-23-06, 05:30 PM
Sal finally came thru with my factory manuals and I went nuts trying to trace the wiring for my interior lights. Finally I gave up, in concert with 2 buddies who had been GM techs and had moved on to other more lucrative occupations.

I ended up taking the 95 FWB to the most highly recommended dealer in CT, in Torrington whose tech also went stark, staring bonkers!

Some jackass, finding a short in the "trigger" in the driver's door, had cut the wire in the trunk when the interior lights wouldn't go out after 30 seconds!

That's why no amount of twirling the headlamp switch would turn the interior lights on. And I guess that's why the inspection didn't find it since it was done in bright sunlight, or whatever.

Truth to tell, I didn't notice the lack of interior lights either, since we used the car either in daytime or in brightly lit parking lots and when we got home, the security floodlights come on and damn near blind us the moment the car hits the driveway.

So, grand total wasn't too bad for 3 hours of the guy crawling over, under, in and out, under the dash and so on at the posted rate of $84.00/hour while I watched. Even the service advisor got into the act with the OBD I scanner and the old "Is it lit?" thing as they diddled and beat their brains out until they found that cut wire.

All I can grouse about is that they screwed up all my radio settings and the clock! :tisk: