: warranty problem please help

06-23-06, 01:11 AM
Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what I can do, or if anyone can help me in any way.

On May 29th I bought a 2003 Cadillac Escalade from SouthPark a local Cadillac Dealership in Edmonton as a Optimum Inspected vehicle that came with a 3 month or 5000km warranty. Well I brought it back that week on a friday that week with a problem with my drivers/passengers front windows. The windows would roll down, but when you wanted to roll it up they would stop half way and you would have to press the window button about 10-15 times for them to roll up all the way. They told me they could look at it the following week on a Tuesday. But i told them that on Sat I was going on a vacation to the states and that by the time I got back I would be off warranty. So they said that it would be no problem, that thay could look at it when I get back. Well about 1 hour after I left there, I had a check Engine light come on. I called them about it and they told me that they would look at all the problems when I get back. So I was OK with it.
Well I was in Nevada and I had problems with my motor. The motor wasn't running right. So I brought it to a Chevy Dealership to get it looked at. When I came there, I talked to the service guy about my motor and I told him I was still under the Optimum warranty. So he looked it up on their computer and told me that there is no warranty on the vehicle in the system. I showed him my Warranty book, but he said it has to be in the system in order for them to look at it under warranty. That it would be in my best option to have the dealership look at it where I bought it from because of the warranty.
So I get back to the dealership I bought it from and they deny my warranty. They tell me that the windows aren't covered under warranty until they totally stop working. All my windows are is an inconvenience that's all. On top of the windows problem my transmission is leaking. I checked the dip stick and it's overfilled by 1/2" past the full line marked "Do Not Overfill". Plus my back-up sensors aren't working, aftermarket intercooler resevoir is leaking like crazy, and the gauge panel has to be reprogrammed.
Well they deny me warranty for all these because my warranty ran out. So I call GM warranty to complain, and they tell me I have no warranty on record. The dealership never sent in my warranty papers so I never had it put in place. So now I ran out of warranty before I could even use it. That is why the dealership in Nevada told me there is no warranty on record back then when i needed it. And the Southpark (dealership purchased) won't do nothing about it. To me it's like someone giving you a coupon two days after a sale. What good was my warranty if I could never use it.
Now I am fighting with Southgate, Cadillac warranty department, and GM warranty department.
Is there anything I can do? Any help is greatly appreciated, and sorry for the whole novel I wrote.

06-23-06, 05:31 PM
Your warranty is not a GM warranty, it sounds like an "in house" warranty. The company provides it for you based on some inspection to satisfy you inside the warranty period after the sale.
You are totally subject to the terms of the warranty. If your warranty information lays out covered and uncovered items look it over.
It would be best if you had gotten a repair order with your complaints on it that was written during the warranty period.
If the manufacturer's warranty was out GM is not going to do anything. It sounds like you need to go after the dealership or the "optimum warranty" company.
At least that is what it looks like to me.

07-11-06, 04:27 PM
It is a G.M.P.P. warranty. Meaning General Motors Protection Plan