: I am looking for FWB locking lug nuts

06-21-06, 10:26 PM
Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a set of locking lug nuts for factory aluminum 1993 Fleetwood wheels? I want a set of four, one for each wheel. I appreciate anyone who can help me find them. thanks for looking easymoney$$$$

06-22-06, 10:36 AM
I bought mine from tirerack.com for $30 shipped or so.

The McGuard series locks.

06-22-06, 01:20 PM
You can get them at almost any parts store. They aren't that hard to find.

06-22-06, 02:41 PM
This just reminded me of something I forgot to get for the new wheels...:rolleyes:

2 lugs were missing out of the packaging anyway, so that's even more of an excuse.

On thing to remember (if you don't already know): the size to look for is 12x1.5 for these cars.