View Full Version : slight bogging, check engine ligt & I can smell gas

06-21-06, 02:52 PM
Hey all, thanx in advance for viewing. I got an 88 fleetwood brougham, 27,000 miles on the odometer, im guessing 127,000 miles lol.

1. I get this bogging down effect from my engine whenever I try to accelerate, as in trying to pass another car, or just to get to a higher speed.
when i try to take off from a red light, i get to about 30 mph and then it
boggs down, shortly it goes away.
Question: where's the bogging down come from???

2. while I accelerate my "check engine" light comes on, but only at speeds around 40-50 mph.
Question: Why does my "check engine" light come on when I accelerate???

3. I smell gas
Question: why do I smell gas???

My friend: yup it's your carb, yup that's what it is....
Me: K...so...what's wrong with it??
My friend: ...don't know, I dont know anything about carbs
Me: ...back to square one LOL

06-21-06, 04:01 PM
Alright, first things first, getting the code. Do a search in the forum for retrieving engine codes. This will isolate the problem. Second. Take an hour and go over your engine with a fine-tooth comb. Check every vacuum line, every electrical connection, and anything else you can think of. Once you get the code and check the engine out, post what you find! Good luck!

06-22-06, 03:41 PM
Thanx for the reply, cuz i really didn't know where to start, again thanx!

06-22-06, 09:05 PM
To check the codes, just press "off" and "warmer" on the climate control at the same time, then press "outside temp" and you'll see the codes flash on the climate control screen. Keep pressing it. If the number changes, you have more than one code. Post what numbers you find here!

06-23-06, 12:28 AM
On that 88 he should have the 307, which I believe to check the codes would be to link the A+B terminals of the ADLC which the ashtray. They are the right two holes. It can be done with a small piece of wire (paper clip works fine) You insert them into the A+B when the car is off, then turn the ignition key to "on", all the dash lights come on, and you start seeing the check engine light flash. Take the key out, then remove the wire from A+B.

A handy book for beginners is the haynes manual, which will also tell you which codes mean what, and how to obtain them. If you post the codes here, we can certainly help you out though.
To determine the code, it will blink long and short sequences. For example, the first code you should see is the test code, which is 12, it will blink each code, including this, three times. So 12 would be, Blink (long pause), Blink blink (two quick blinks). A code of 21, would be Blink (pause) Blink, Blink (quick). You will see the code of 12 at the start, then all codes will be shown three times, and when the codes are shown, it will show 12 three times again, notifying you that all codes have been displayed. And to make things as confusing as possible, blinkity blink blink blink. If I type blink once more, I shall be madder than a box of frogs!

Good luck