: Alernative to Vogue Tyres 235/70R15 WSW

06-20-06, 05:15 PM
Since Michelin no longer makes tires in OEM sizes for the big FWB, I started snooping around Tire Rack and came up empty handed. Then, calling a rather small shop in Bristol, CT, I started chatting with the owner who mentioned that Cooper makes WHITE SIDEWALL - PASSENGER CAR TIRES, AND NOT TRUCK TIRES - in the original size 235/70R15.

So, I scooted over to their shop and had a look.

I had Coopers on my 79 Cordoba and was impressed with them, including road holding in the dry as well as wet. On one occasion I scurried back in a heavy rain due to a family emergency in speeds that were outrageously over the limit and never felt hydroplaning. The Chrysler was about 500 lbs or so less than the FWB.

Well, I popped for the tires at the grand sum of $398.52 for a set of 4, balanced and installed.

Photos to follow when I can find the wee, little Nikon S2 that is hiding somewhere. (that camera is half the size of a pack of smokes and keeps getting lost once it's out of the camera bag).

The Coopers do NOT have a gummy white band that will dissolve under Westley's Bleche-wite like the Vague Tyres will.

The Cooper brand is:
Lifeliner Touring SLE (T Rated)

DOT call-outs (FWIW) on the tires are:

In my not so humble opinion, they are sharp and really set off the dark blue FWB.:thumbsup:

06-20-06, 06:20 PM
Had a chance to find some different kinds of roads and - since the weather finally became decent - had the windowns down to listen to road noise.

The tires are far quieter than the Michelins that were on the FWB before. This includes brand new asphalt, fairly new concrete and old asphalt and concrete. Speeds from 30 to 65. At higher speeds all I got was wind noise.

I did not push extreme handling since, despite what the tire guys said, I still like the tires to take a good, solid set on the rim before I push them too hard.

His mounting technique is to inflate to 50 lbs then take the tires down to max sidewall recommended. He says he's never had one spin on a rim. Yet I'll still take it easy even though I've driven stockers with tires just put on a fresh rim and beat the hell out of them. On my daily driver, however, I'll baby them for the first week or so.

I do see, though, that i need shox.

Any suggestions since the FWB has the auto level thing?

Sigh . . .watching the $$ fly away:eek:

06-20-06, 09:57 PM
There's still a several WW 235-70-15 choices out there. Kumhos, Yokohamas, Hankooks, Dunlops, etc., etc.

Have the Kumhos and they're great. Knew about the Coopers, but went a different route, and spent less in the end for a great performing 70k warranty tire.

You are right that Michelin doesn't make anything in a WW for these cars, but the XW4's they did were never THAT great, so it isn't that big of a deal.

06-21-06, 06:59 AM
As for shocks, if you have to keep air-ride in the rear, get some nice Bilstein or Monroe Severe Service for the front.

For the rear air-shocks, get the OEM air level shocks.

Just my .02$