: Hello to everyone!

02-02-04, 11:28 AM
Hello to all of you. I'm new here and I'm looking for information on a 1992 Caddilac sedan deville for the location of where the fuel filter is. It needs changed as I'm having trouble getting the car to go up a hill. Other then that, its running fine. I had just had damage to the fuel line, it had a small hole from ice and snow damage. Then , this is when all the trouble started. Hope someone can help. Thank's:wave:

02-02-04, 12:57 PM
Welcome Lacey,
Thanks for signing in! You may try posting to the technical threads. I have a 99' Deville and mine is under the car along the drivers side rail just under the rear pasenger door (at least that's what the mechanic said!) I am not a DIY'er so I'll defer to one of the Caddy "Wizards" for a better explanation.

Good luck