: Low Oil Pressure

Aurora By Olds
06-19-06, 10:48 PM
When my N* returns to idle for a while (such as at a stoplight) when the temp is up around 220 - 230 the oil pressure often drops to nothing. I know there is stil circulation, but I would have better piece of mind with a few psi.
What is a good grade of oil to run that would increase pressure just a bit without being too thick to starve the engine.
I used to run 10w-30 in it, but recently put in 5w-30 (cause I had a free case) which exacerbated this problem quite a bit. I live in a cool climat right now, and will probably be moving to FL soon, so I will need something that can withstand higher heat. Any suggestions?

06-20-06, 01:52 AM
10W40 or Rotella 15W40

Aurora By Olds
06-20-06, 09:38 AM
Those were the two I kind of had in mind, just wanted a second opinion. Thanks.