View Full Version : oil pressure loss "STOP ENGINE" warning FIX

02-02-04, 10:50 AM
if you're having an intermittent "STOP ENGINE" warning and the display is telling you that you have no oil pressure, don't rush off to the dealer. i recently posted my problem on here ('94 eldo y code) and got some seriously good help.

my problem was, as i said, and INTERMITTENT warning. it would come on after about twenty minutes of driving regardless of condition. a quick shut down and restart and the warning went away. the only time this happened that i had to drive home, after the quick re-start i shut down and let 'er cool. after that, the warning wouldn't come up until i drove the car for at least 20 minutes. i figured oil pump or relief valve at least, until one of the members of this board helped me out. bbobynksi (sp?) told me after i detailed the problem to replace the sender (oil pressure). i actually had gone to the dealer and purchased the part already, but being somewhat of a defeatist, i figured the problem couldn't be that small.
DO NOT EVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE!!! if i had gone to the dealer, odds are i would have gotten a new sender, a new valve and a new pump (maybe even a new flux capacitor) along with a fifteen thousand dollar labor bill (does ANYONE know a reputable and honest dealer service department??)

that seemed to do the trick. if anyone's in that position (remember, an INTERMITTENT WARNING!! CHECK FIRST TO SEE IF YOU HAVE OIL MOVEMENT BEFORE YOU BOTHER WITH THIS!!!) get yourself a oil pressure sending switch, the special socket (yeah, you need it), a couple jackstands and a jack. i needed to raise the motor a bit from underneath, since i couldn't get the socket to fit.

happy motoring and thanks to all that helped.