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06-19-06, 12:03 PM
I'm car shopping, slowly. Should I get a 94-96 FWB or a 93-97 Northstar Seville? My other cars include a 1990 Q45 and a 1990 Maxima. I take a lot of road trips, so I'd like to rack up a lot of miles without expensive maintenance and repair issues.

Which is comfier, which is quieter, which is easier to drive, and which is quicker from 60-100?

Thanks :)

06-19-06, 12:13 PM
Comfort and Quiet goes to the LT1 Fleetwood.

Speed and agility goes to the Northstar STS (although a LT1 Fleetwood can be made to handle well and be fairly quick).

Reliability and cheap maintenance goes to the Fleetwood (shares parts with the Caprice, Roadmaster, Impala SS)
For example:
My brother just replaced the electronic struts in his 2003 DTS for around $3,000 installed at the dealership.

I just put a set of Impala SS springs and Bilstein shocks on my 1996 Fleetwood for $500 installed at a local speed shop.


06-19-06, 02:09 PM
Yeah you can't get much cheaper to maintain or more reliable than a Fleetwood Brougham. Sure it's old school, but that's half the beauty behind it!

For the 0-100, I found some times:

1996 SLS (275hp N*) 0-100: 17.6 seconds
1994 Fleetwood (2.56:1 rear axle) 0-100: 22.6 seconds
and just for shits and giggles, a 1995 Roadmaster with the 2.56:1 gears will do 0-100 in 19.1 seconds.

06-19-06, 03:24 PM
Well, I think I know now what my next car will be. I was set on a Seville, but today I passed a green FWB with chrome wheels and limo tint. I nearly drove into the guy as I was staring. When passing, its like you see the back of the car, and an hour later you finally see the front. I love it!

06-19-06, 03:24 PM
Oh yeah, how the hell do you pronounce "Brougham"?

Lord Cadillac
06-19-06, 03:36 PM
B-Roam (all in one shot like Broom)

Jesda.. Really.. Do yourself a favor and get the Brougham.. It's far more comfortable than the Seville.. Far more quiet.. Far more reliable.. It's very unique.. I really miss my Brougham.. And if you want performance, you can make it happen. I really think you'll be impressed with the car...


06-19-06, 03:42 PM
You pronounce it Bro-ham

Lord Cadillac
06-19-06, 03:47 PM
I've never heard anybody say BroHam but I have heard B-Rom (all in one shot)...

06-19-06, 04:16 PM
Just browse eBay and you will find one you like. That is where I bought mine in December 2005. Sable Black with Grey leather, Black top, and moonroof with 74,000 original miles for $8,100 (stock and unmolested). :thumbsup:

06-19-06, 04:43 PM
I always pronounced it Broam. Like the sound the engine makes under WOT :D

For as much as I like my deVille. I really miss my Roadmaster, especially the LT1's power. The 4.9 and LT1 are comparable around town but on the freeway its a whole different story.

Jesda, have you ever driven a LT1 Fleetwood Brougham?

06-19-06, 11:13 PM
I pronounce it Bro-Ham.

06-20-06, 07:15 AM
I pronounce it Bro-Ham.

So do the guys on Eight Mile Road!:highfive:

Lord Cadillac
06-20-06, 09:56 AM
You guys can call it Boars Head Ham all you want. It's "Brougham" with a silent "a" or "BroHum"... :D

06-20-06, 01:27 PM
You guys can call it Boars Head Ham all you want. It's "Brougham" with a silent "a" or "BroHum"... :D

Yes it is!:thumbsup:

06-20-06, 03:23 PM
I think this will help:thumbsup:

06-20-06, 03:47 PM
Jesda get the Fleetwood! plus there are more aftermarket goodies for it than the N*... and you will get more looks in it. people just stare at these things... plus they are more rare than STS' (probably why people always stare cause they hardly ever see them).

Lord Cadillac
06-20-06, 04:17 PM
My Fleetwood Brougham did get a lot of looks.. I found that odd at first - because it's kind of an old car. But it's VERY big and menacing.. People look at it kinda like they're impressed with the size... I guess size does matter. :p

06-21-06, 12:58 AM
Wierd. When I was driving that '77 Town Car, I didn't get many looks and I was looking for looks. That car is way bigger and much more menacing looking than a Fleetwood Brougham.

Lord Cadillac
06-21-06, 08:31 AM
I think the "thing" is with the Fleetwood - it's not that old yet. You can see some resemblence of the Fleetwood in other Cadillacs of the same years. The door handles are similar. The headlights.. Even the taillights to some extent. And I think people must say to themselves, "that's wierd - I'm not familiar with that one". Whereas the STS, ETC and DeVilles are plentiful...

It also looks 'sorta like a DeVille - but different... It might just confuse people or throw them off a bit...