: Where Can I Find A Power Attenna?

06-18-06, 07:40 PM
My 91 Fleetwood Brougham's antenna is bent and will no go down, is there any sites where I can purchase a power attenna for this particular caddy?

I looked on the parts page here but came up empty.

Any help will be appreciated.


06-18-06, 08:46 PM

Any such thing as a friendly junk yard in your area?

06-18-06, 10:53 PM
There is no such thing as a friendly junk yard anywhere that I know of.

Try ebay, sometimes great N.O.S. ones pop up for cheap.

06-19-06, 01:34 AM
You can buy just the antenna part if that's the only thing broken. There's a website that you can buy them at and there's a link for it in some of the posts here if you can find it. Other then that you can probably still get them from the dealer or like Rick186 said see if you can find one in a junk yard.

06-19-06, 05:44 AM
Yea I was thinking of a junkyard, but I want new parts, so I will just spend the money on new parts. The dealer is my last choice, because I thought I couyld find something cheaper, which is why I asked. Brougham I did a search and came up with "zilch" can you post a link to the site if you know it? Thanks

06-19-06, 05:44 AM
double post

06-19-06, 06:16 AM
Yeah, Brougham, where is it at? My '97 Deville has a good "wow" in it compliments of some twirp at Bayshore that thought he was being oh-so-clever. BTW the reason the damn thing was deployed anyway was because it had frozen up (this was during one of those pre-winter days last Fall before I stored it. The kinda day when the temp dips down just enough to affect things like the antenna!!!)

06-19-06, 04:17 PM
If I knew the link I'd post it. Look in the front wheel drive section because I know I've seen it in there before. It's been posted a few times now but I don't know what you'd have to search for to find it but you will. All the new power antennas I've seen that aren't from the dealer all look like aftermarket ones even thoguh the ads say they're the right one so if you want new that's probably the only way you're going to get one.

06-20-06, 10:40 AM
Look on ebay for the best buy for antennas. I bought one from a Cadillac dealer for 125.00 and it was a universal antenna. Now I see the same antenna on ebay for 55.00. easymoney$$$$