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06-17-06, 07:43 PM
Well I gave in and bought the Navigation on my STS a month or so ago. The main reason was for the larger display to use with the XM Radio fortunatly the Navigation was not really needed.

To make a long story short. It came with the 2005 CD and the roads missing are amazing. Roads that have been in the Georgia area for 5 years are not there. A interstate I575 is miss named as Hwy 5.

All this being said my Garmin units are sooo much better is amazing that Cadillac would have such a POS. So on to my question where can I email, call etc to submit missing information and outdated information? Garmin actually has a group that handled such things.


06-20-06, 03:59 PM
GM gets their units from Denso and the map data comes from one of the "big 2" data providers in the U.S. - In this case it is NavTeq.

The 2005 disc uses 2003 map data as I recall due to the timing/release. Each new disc release will update by a year at a time etc. etc. etc. Current changes would then apply to the 2007 disc @ the earliest.

Although GM does not have a specific way to provide maps changes, Navteq does:


BTW, Garmin gets their map data from Navteq too...:bouncy:

Go figure...

06-25-06, 10:29 AM
My 06 STS Nav has been flawless with a couple roads missing in Kentucky (during a trip). If I rate mine to my wife's 06 Honda Nav, the Caddy wins by a long shot.

06-25-06, 03:16 PM
I can tell you one thing, don't ask Caddy support anything about the Nav system. I questioned the number of POIs etc that were added in the 2005 release versus the OE disk in the 03 and it was like talking to a brick wall. They didn't know where to find it or who to talk to for info. They finally said to ask the local dealer parts guy. Guess they thought the customer should spend $375 w/o knowing anything about the product updates. I suggested that Caddy should market the updates by sending an email or letter to owner advising of availability and with the improvements. They had no interest.

So it doesn't surprise me that they don't have any way to provide the vendor with updates. Unlike most luxury cars Caddy sales treated nav as an after thought. That's probably why they hadn't sold many.

I also have a portable unit Magellan 700 (2005 s/w) that works faster and is more up to date than Caddys 2005 s/w btw.