: Ha ha, check out these "quality books"

Sinister Angel
02-01-04, 01:55 PM
Shipboard Vacation Scrapbook - Cuba 1962
Shipboard Vacation Scrapbook - Tonkin Golf 65-72
Shipboard Vacation Scrapbook - Yellow Sea 50-53
Shipboard Vacation Scrapbook - Red Sea/Arabian Gulf 1991
The book of dirty Ohio Class Sub tricks: "Knock knock, your dead"

Surface Contact Awareness - A 688(i) Case Study - released in europe as 'How NOT to surface under an innocent japenese trawler operating off the coast of HawaiI'

"Knight Armamnet SR-47 - Cause we can't deny it when we leave behind .223 brass"

"Blackbirds over Russia: No, your bitch ass Anti-aircraft batteries can't do shit"
"Dragon Ladies Over Soviet Turf - OK, We'll quit pointing and laugning now"

Look for my new book on shipboard security called "How I gave that towlhead mother f*cker $.20 of lead when he tried jacking my ship"

My friend and I got bored and came up with these. Actually, the whole idea spurred after I threw the last "book" in an AIM away message.