: First system in a 2006 STS--Post pics if not

Mr V's Pitbulls
06-14-06, 08:37 PM
here ya go 816 Audio hooked it up 2 JL W 7's withe the JL cleansweep a JL 1000/1 and its own battery.

Tell me what you think I will post better pics tomarrow

06-28-06, 05:41 PM
do you have the nav system? can you see what wires they used to connect to the clean sweep? and wich model clean sweep did they use?

Mr V's Pitbulls
06-28-06, 09:15 PM
Yes I have the navi system Nav-tv told us personally they are working on getting a 06 sts system to mess around with to figure all the dvd and navi button problems. So if anyone has one and wants them to do it 4 free you can send it to them, But they said it could take a month to figure out. I personally will wait till they figure it out. as far as the clean sweep It is
CL441dsp as far as wiring I really have no Idea. You can call 816 Audio and ask for Chris tell them Matt with the STS told you to call it is the only one they have done. I will warn you now they said it was not easy it took them 2 weeks to finish. the number is (816)313-8863

I will post some pics when I get a digital camera that pic was taken with my cell