: Interior trim combinations for 1970?

06-14-06, 10:39 AM
Does anyone have a listing of the interior trim color combinations available in 1970? I recently came on a black leather interior from a '69 DeVille and am putting it in my car to replace the gold brocade.

Trouble is, I am missing a few parts - the a-pillar covers, rear carpet, seatbelts and sunvisors were missing from the donor car, the headliner was torn and the dash is for a mono radio, not stereo.

Anyways, I had been planning on dying the right parts from my car to match and have an all-black interior, but then found pics of a convertible done in white leather but with the a-pillar covers, dash, carpet, seatbelts and sunvisors in red to match the exterior. Since I have a gold exterior, I was thinking of leaving these same parts gold on my car, but I am curious if this is an original color combination? Or is it a product of someone in a similar situation as I am with only most of an interior to swap?

I am working at getting a 1970 'Full line' brochure that would have this info, but if anyone here has one and would be willing to list the interior combinations available using black and gold pieces, I would be very happy.