: Are the V's more reliable the newer the model?

06-13-06, 01:05 PM
As the title states, are the newer model V's more reliable and less prone to these rear diff problems? I want to pick up a used V and if an 06 will be more dependable, then I suppose I should get an 06. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info. :)

The Tony Show
06-13-06, 01:21 PM
The 06 models have a redesigned rear diff, but it's up for debate whether it's any better. Rear gear whine is part of the ownership experience.

The biggest differences between the 06 and previous years is the engine (LS2 vs. LS6). The LS2 has a little more grunt down low, while the LS6 has better top end breathing. Also, the LS6 currently has much better aftermarket support such as PCM tuning, but in time the LS2 will have the same, and probably have a higher ceiling for power due to the increase in displacement.

I have an 04 and love it. If you don't mind spending the first month getting recalls and updates done, I'd go for the 04/05 and save some cash. Don't forget to get the GM Certified warranty included, because over 6 years or 100,000 miles, you'll be replacing some parts.

06-13-06, 03:32 PM
Buy a used 04 or 05 and save a bunch of money. I've had my 04 for over two years now with just typical american build quality issues. The honeymoon is starting to wear off on me though.


06-13-06, 03:40 PM
I have an 06'. my rear blew at 1500 miles. but theres 6700 miles on it now and no other problems :highfive:

06-14-06, 01:42 AM
I've had my '04 for the last year and a half and have had zero problems (the rear end has never made any noise at all). Car has been great and is still a blast to drive every time I get behind the wheel...

06-14-06, 08:38 AM
the 06's that come with RSA EMT tires are easier on the diffs cause the tire doesn't grip. 4500 miles on mine with no issues so far. must be getting old and driving it like a grandpa, time to go trade and buy a DTS. you can buy mine :alchi:

06-14-06, 09:13 AM
I was told my CTS-V was the second sold in the state. I bought it in March of 2004. I've read many complaints over the last two years in this forum. My experience is just the opposite of many of these posts.

My car is heavily modified but I've had nary a peep of a problem.

My lowered suspension does not rub
My suspension makes no noise, even with the Hotchkis sways
My GM rear bushings do not squeak
There are no interior parts coming loose
No interior rattles
No button problems on my NAV or radio
No paint problems
Some wheel hop, but manageable
My rear diff does not leak (it's the original)
My rear diff may whine, but I wouldn't know because of my exhaust.
There have been NO service problems (thanks to Dominion Cadillac).I don't drag race, but I do run my car hard. At least 50% of my driving is done in the mountains and I attack curves with a vengence. My original tire lasted 12,000 miles and they are essentially race slicks now.

So I would say, there may be newer V's just as good but not better. It's all in the roll of the dice.

06-15-06, 12:00 AM
All cars have issues. Most of them look like a VW commercial (and I'm a VW fan - so take that as you may).

The V doesn't. If you want to have a unique ride (before mods) and an extreme whip (after mods) then buy one. Be open minded and with open eyes. There are issues. They are all managable. GM helps. A great dealer helps xtimes more.

Geno's mod list exceeds mine - though I've had more "mods" at one time or another on my V (and I don't mean Reed and Urby on the hood). That's where the real beauty lies. Want a Saturday a.m. project? Surf the web and buy a mod for your V. Results vary, but they're always there.

I would without a doubt buy this car again, and again. It is a bargain, even when I bought it at sticker+. Now - it is like raping neighbors (oh shit, there goes a whole month of therapy).

I have an '04. The LS6 is what makes me love her. Everything else is the fat surrounding the vagina (crude, but tooo, toooooo, true).

I apologize now for the very wrong analogy above - but it is accurate.

(ban me now Reed? It is up to ewe?