: BMR Anti-wheelhop kit and Locktite Blue

06-13-06, 09:17 AM
There is no mention of using Loctite threadlocker in the BMR instructions, and there is no threadlocker used in the OEM suspension cradle mounts. I think the reason it isn't used with OEM is both economic and the fact that the bushings compress with mounting bolt torque causing threads to lock, more or less. But the BMR metal bushings do not compress much at all.

I had my BMR kit installed last March, and there were no material increases in suspension noises. It passed the "wife test" in that she did not notice a change.

Lately, she has been complaining about rear suspension noise. I checked the cradle mount bolts and found that the two rear bolts were off their torque settings. I can't say whether or not my wrench properly torqued these bolts, but he definitely did not use a threadlocker. I retorqued the bolts, this time using Locktite Blue, which should hold the torque setting.

The point of my remark is a recommendation to use Locktite Blue anytime a suspension component is unbolted, even if the OEM uses a locking nut as the locking ability of these nuts degrades with repeated use. Locktite produces a whole family of liquid threadlockers, and the "Blue" version has worked best for me. It holds well enough and I can break it loose without much effort.