: On my fourth Caddy

Mike S
01-31-04, 10:29 PM
Hi, my name is Mike S from Dallas Tx. My newest and most fun Caddy
is a 1997 Concours Deville. I love to drive it, but its not the most trouble
free car I've ever had. I have gone through heater core leaking, bad struts,
fuel pump, bottom engine resealing, radiator, overheating, squeaky brakes
etc etc. Boy am I glad I bought an extended warranty!!

My caddy before that was an 1985 Eldo 4.1. It was fun, not much power
and yes I finally had to have the intake resealed. It provided many years
of trouble free driving :cool:

02-01-04, 10:24 AM
Welcome aboard... Thanks for signing up :wave:

Glad you like your caddy.... Extended warranties can be a GODSEND.... Unfortunately the 97 concours seems to have the most problems, at least on this forum.... I hope you get it all fixed up and you enjoy it..... They sure are sleek looking cars!!!

02-02-04, 04:53 PM
Hi Mike,

I can sympathize with you about having the extended warranty! My 99' Concours has had a few (minor) problems...the best part is walking out of the service department without spending a dime! Good Luck