: Attention to detail

06-11-06, 07:41 PM
I have not had the pleasure of driving an 06 yet, however I will say that as a long time Cadillac owner and enthusiast, the attention to minor interior detail has decreased.

I recently acquired an 01 DTS and I love the car. My only dislikes are small things inside. The quality of the armrest, armrest lids, compartment and so on. I drove five of these cars before I bought the one I did and every single one of them had a broken latch on the arm rest lid. Even mine with a mere 20k on it

The front and rear armrest fell like the quality of a cheap import. I don't want to knock Cadillac because I think they've done a great job overall but when you pay $60 for a 'Luxury' car I think the attention to interior detail should be a little higher than what it is here.

I like the layout, design and material for the most part, just a couple small little things could be nicer.

07-06-06, 02:48 PM
Well, yeah, maybe when it was new it cost somebody 60K - but that car is now 5 years old, regardless of mileage and small things like that latch can break -

not giving Cadillac an "out" here, but it just could be that there was a "recall" for those latches and the original owner would have been the one to get the message and then get the onus would be on him/her to get it fixed - not the 2nd or 3rd owner down the line.

07-08-06, 10:19 PM
Frost, I understand the car is 5 years old, however I drove several of these cars both 2001 and 2002 and I couldn't find a single on without a broken latch.

In addition the only recall on this car was in 2002 regarding seat belts and it has been fixed. According to GM there are no outstanding recalls on the vehicle. I'm certainly not saying that an arm rest latch should be recalled I'm just saying that there is a question of material choice or quality.

The original sticker on this car was over $60. That amount of money, now 6 years ago, was quite an expensive car. The simple things like an arm rest latch should not break period, let alone one that's been used so little.

This doesn't mean I hate Cadillac or that I think they're cheap. I just wanted to voice my opinion and point out something possibly unknown to GM. That's how we hope to make things better and keep GM around for years to come. Cadillac is the flagship line so we have the right to strive for perfection.