: 6th Gear Pop-Out

cts-v ls6
06-11-06, 07:26 AM

I have an '04 V with the UCC shifter. It's been installed for about a year and was one of the first batch. It has worked great for about 9 months, but now the V pops out of 6th gear by itself! No grinding or anything like that, just "thump" and it shifts itself back to neutral. I do alot of highway driving, so I use 6th gear alot. This doesn't happen in any of the other gears, and always happens when I shift into 6th. I haven't speed shifted the car, and as far as I know the synchros are ok. Any ideas? Could it be the foam under the console? But then why did it stay in gear for so long?

Any ideas on what to check?



06-11-06, 10:41 AM
Mine used to do it in first every now and then. I think its probably the foam but just make an effort to make sure you make a full shift and it should never happen. I found it only happens when I was tired or not paying attention and just kind of driving. Just make sure its all the way in gear.

V Amazed
06-11-06, 11:58 AM
I believe there is actually a TSB on that. Check the faq