: Door handle problems

06-10-06, 05:13 PM
No specific TSBs or threads on this problem.

I've got 3,300 miles on the car and my driver's side outside front door handle broke on the left side so that the door won't open unless I pull from the far right side. Additionally, on the same day, my wife noticed that the left front inside door handle creaks loudly at the half way point like that's getting ready to go too?

WTF? This car has never been in cold weather and it was 90 degrees out today.

Anyone else have this issue?

06-10-06, 08:08 PM
Nope - no problems with the door handles. Say, did you pick up the IS300 yet???


06-10-06, 09:19 PM
Weird. After I posted this, my wife and I went back out in the V and the door seems to be acting fine. I thought the left side of the handle was broke because it was coming out farther than the right side, but then I went to the passenger side and realized that it does the same thing.

Nope, the IS is still up there. The tuner had got slammed with Summer business and he let go of his helpers. It's next in line. The motor is built, it just needs to be installed and tuned. Should be a monter.