: Can you repair the fuel rail

01-31-04, 01:17 PM

My wife drove her vehicle (96 aurora) home last night and I could smell her car in the garage from the basement. After informing her on the dangers of driving the car reaking of gas, I went to look under the hood.

A pinhole had developed in a section of the tubing between 2of the injectors. The last few days have been terribley cold <-20f so that may have had something to do with it. Anyway I found a piece of nylon tubing and sliced it open lengthwise and fitted it around the hole, then I used a hose clamp with not too much pressure to hold it in place. I tested it and it works well enough to drive the car a few mile to a garage - I figure. It will probably fail when the engine compartment gets too hot.

I looked up the price of the rail online, dealers sell it for $200 and gmpardsdirect sells it for $100. I don't mind paying the price, but we really need the car before we can get it. I wonder if the original rail can be repaired on the car if one used new nylon hose.

Has anyone done this? I have tried replacing the hose before on the fuel feed line but the diameter was too small to fit over the metal lines. I ended up replacing that section with 30R9 hose.

I thought about using 30R9 hose on the Rail, but I am afraid that the hose clamp pressure would break the plastic injector sockets.

Any thoughts on the topic? Please let me know.