View Full Version : Dealer just voided my warranty for B&M... And wheel hop info

06-08-06, 12:53 PM
Cadillac of West Las Vegas voided my tranny warranty for having my B&M in... WTF. Someone give me some advice on what to do. Its nothing serious, just having trouble getting into 1st/2nd, and reverse every so often, but now I hope I don't have serious issues down the road with my tranny. Absolute bullsh!t.

On another note, I have an update that many of you will be interested in. No more wheel hop in dry conditions. My friend's off-road racing shop fab'd up some solid aluminum bushings to replace all the rubber in the rear suspension. A little more noise, but SOLID feeling launches. Had the sway bar modified slightly also. Not sure exactly what they did, but it worked. Now my exhaust is hitting the sway bar. Time to go to the exhaust shop...

06-08-06, 12:58 PM
Is there another local dealership you can go to and have look at the shifting issue ?

06-08-06, 12:58 PM
Cadillac of West Las Vegas voided my tranny warranty for having my B&M in ... Absolute bullsh!t ...That IS a crock!

Is the inference that somehow the OEM shifter helps to prevent trans problems (maybe by being so sloppy)? Unbelievable! :rant2:

06-08-06, 01:12 PM
That's BS. There must be some type of arbitrator to discuss this with.

06-08-06, 01:41 PM
Cadillac of West Las Vegas voided my tranny warranty for having my B&M in

LMAO--those guys are a JOKE. I've been to that place two seperate times and each time I've laughed at (1) how ignorant their service people are and (2) how they panic at me having some mods on my car.

During the most recent visit, I asked if they could merely LUBE the GM rear bushings, as they were squeeking fiercely. "We can't do that," the service advisor said, "your car has aftermarket parts on it."

"Well, actually, you see, you can. The aftermarket parts I have on my car have ZERO impact on what I'm asking you to do. Additionally, the problem is a GM PART/FIX!"

I then proceeded to direct HIM to the appropriate GM "anti-wheel hop" bulletin, which he initially said did NOT exist, and further instructed him that I'm only looking to have it LUBED.

He then walks back into the service area and tells me that he's not sure that they can get to it today, as their service guys were SO busy, they wouldn't have time for it...whatever...we're talking about LUBING a stupid bushing, not changing the motor for crying out loud...

In any case, I'd find a different dealership, as clearly that one is one of the WORST I have ever experienced...perhaps even have read about. It's LAUGHABLE at how utterly absurd they are and how poor their customer service is in this regard.

I only wish I could fill out a customer satisfaction survey on them (the ones that go to GM). Based on my understanding, dealerships *DO* take that very seriously, as they can have a significant impact on compensation the owner(s) receive.

06-08-06, 02:31 PM
Cadillac of West Las Vegas voided my tranny warranty for ...

You think they're bad, try Fletcher Jones MBZ in Vegas! :hitstick:

I like the idea of the Aluminum bushings, no hop (dry). Did all the creaking and squeaking go away as well?

06-08-06, 03:25 PM
Beware, when aluminum bushings get old, your car will not be happy.

Seattle CTS-V
06-08-06, 03:46 PM
The KARS cradle kit comes with steel spacers. Works like a charm!

V Amazed
06-08-06, 06:26 PM
Mine is going in to Sewell in Dallas on monday for similar tranny problems, and I have a UUC. I hope they don't give me hell about it. Think I should be concerned?


06-08-06, 07:10 PM
I was in a lemon-law battle with Cadillac for my V...shifting problems/clunks/tranny-leaks, ect. They tried to blame the shifter...I took it out and then they settled. Returned the car last night.
Best thing I ever did.

Take it out and then bring the car back in, and then have the DSM and Area Engineer look at the car. If that doesn't work, call an attorney.

Good luck,

06-09-06, 12:17 AM
That is just typical, i have gone to two 'local' dealers and have had the same response as to why they couldn't/wouldn't lube the rear bushings. They are squeaking BAD!! ITs absolutely rediculous... My car is stock and probably is becuz since day ONE, i have been having simply service issues that the first dealer, braman, has attempted to fix and still is helping out, and the second, Vera, simply brushed me off like a low quality b-movie.

Vera told me that they couldn't service the bushings, "really", becuz i had them installed not them. I said its a GM part that is obviously faulty, installed by GM "professionals", and that, is "your responsibility".

No dice with VERA, i thought it was gonna be different but honestly, just another dealer.

Go to another dealer, speak to the service manager and see what they can do for you... They must be aware of what is really going on. ITs up to them what kind ppl they are and if they are wiling to help.

good luck!!