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06-07-06, 12:10 PM
Hello everyone. Forgive me if I am bring up something from a past post but I did look and couldnt find anything on it. I need to replace from the cat back on my Eldo exhust system and of course it seems no one makes anything. I need your help to know what to do here. I hate the thought of going to GM for the same over priced parts that are on there and the dead sound. I did replace the mufflers with Borlas universal fit back 6 years ago and loved the sound. I would like to find something with larger pipes and more performance.

Thank you all this has been a very good forum that has helped me many times in the past.

Johnny B.

06-07-06, 08:33 PM

06-07-06, 08:38 PM
As I was instructed by some of our more performance orientated member, you need to find a shop that has a mandrel bender and they can fabricate you the exaust you need. I don't know if your mufflers are functional but personally I think they are. Fabricate the cat back system and add your mufflers to it. If you want new mufflers go that route.