: Track day at AutoBahn Country Club

06-06-06, 09:39 PM
Just got back from a great run in my V!

Took the V to a track day with the Lotus club and ran great!
The MM rims and Falken tires did seem to get greasy when hot, but the car was a blast to drive. By the third session of the day, I did notice that other than the water temp which stayed normal, the other temps were higher than I wanted to see. A number of people came up to see the car, and had no idea that it had a LS6! They also commented that with my corsa exhaust...traveling down the main straight at around 108mph, my car had the sweetest sound!

I held my own, the track as tough, every turn is linked to 3 other turns...while I managed 108 and 105 down the front and back straights, a ZO6 was doing 132 and 115 on the same straights...it really came down to brakes...the V stock pads held up well!

I am burning a dvd video from some in car right now.

Gordy Petrovski
06-06-06, 10:42 PM
YES YES YES Video's Please :bouncy:

06-07-06, 04:04 AM
Hey Veldromeracer.......where's the AutoBahn Country Club? :confused:

06-07-06, 09:27 AM
mail or e-mail the video to me and i will post on the FAQ...


06-07-06, 09:42 AM
Hey Veldromeracer.......where's the AutoBahn Country Club? :confused:

06-07-06, 11:36 AM
It's about 15 minutes from my house. I wish I would've known... We're racing there at the end of July. Did you run the North or South course?

06-07-06, 12:35 PM
I knew there were some V owners in Chicago...but the Lotus event fills up pretty quick, and I am a guest with those guys so I didn't have any room to make an announcement here. We had the typical 3 groups, novice, intermediate and GT, we had a total of 90 cars, 30 in each group, I ran the group 2, intermediate.

On mondays, the club rents the full 3.56 mile circuit...it is a blast to run!

I am running with the Prosports group at Putnam Park near Indianapolis at the end of June, for those interested, let me know and I will see what spaces they have left.

Reed, when I get the video finished in the next couple of days, I will contact you to get it hosted.

06-07-06, 02:15 PM
Putnam is a pretty fun and very safe track. Some tips...

Don't bother trying to downshift into 3rd until you get through Turn 1.
The off-camber Turn 4 can rob you of speed, try to gradually learn the limits and try to use all of the turn.
If you get Turn 4 down, you'll hit redline in 3rd before you get to Turn 5. Don't waste your time upshifting because you'll need to be in 3rd afterward.
And make sure when going through Turn 8, you set up to clip the proper apex of Turn 9.

Fun track and great for the V. You should be able to get into the low-mid 130s down the straight.

06-07-06, 03:31 PM
Before I bought the V, I had driven my 2004 GTO there a few times...you are right on the track...the GTO had the LS1 and I hit redline too soon...the V is going to be more fun than the goat!

That short back stretch after turn 2 or 3 just ends too quick to get 4th...I hit 125mph with the goat down the front straight...

It is a great track!