: Breaking Through !

06-06-06, 04:21 PM

As Marshal McLuhan said, the Medium is the Massage.
That was so badly misinterpreted. So,with Consumer Reports insane bias against American Automobiles, poor Cadillac gets mud splattered all over it nearly as bad as the Communist-inspired Ralph Nader job done on the Corvair.

Yes, I got my "Toy."

Took it out after getting clearance from the CT DMV that I could drive it with the still valid Texas plates and the bill of sale until I get the title and switch to CT plates.

Maybe the previous owner put new shocks on it and maybe the Michelin XWX at full pressure had something to do with it, but I'm shocked, SHOCKED at how this large barge corners so respectably. It's no Mini Cooper nor Porsche, but DAMN it more than holds its own on the twisties despite the avoirdupois.

And the 5.7 under the hood has already shocked a snotty rice burner who didn't want me to change lanes on I-84. I put on the left side blinker as the lane petered out, watching the bastard in my rearview mirror well behind me and saw his bumper LIFT (!). So I punched it.

Ye old Cadillac picked up her petticoats and farted at him out her twin pipes to leave the $#ithead in the Lexus looking foolish as I merged left with tons of room to spare. Wife giggled.

So - at least for now - I'll put those Eibach 1" lowering HD springs and KYB shocks on hold (the ball joints were apparently recently re-done, according to the full-service shop where I took it for the emissions test to get the clearance from CT DMV)

The only thing wrong is the transmission indicator needle on the dash. It's stuck in Park so I'm going by feel of the detents. Had the same problem with my Dodge B250 and it was an easy fix to get the tiny, Stainless Steel wire reattached. The Caddy looks a lot worse, however, so I'll wait until the Factory manual I ordered, gets here.

So, gentlemen, you have been keeping secrets from the unwashed! IMHO, she beats my neighbor's 2003 top-of-line MB sedan by a lot. Norm wouldn't admit it but he went away mumbling to himself.

Yes, I've broken through and damn glad of it.

06-07-06, 10:39 AM
As Marshal McLuhan said, the Medium is the Massage.

er... Message? Although I wouldn't mind massaging seats.

So,with Consumer Reports insane bias against American Automobiles, poor Cadillac gets mud splattered all over it nearly as bad as the Communist-inspired Ralph Nader job done on the Corvair.

haha, so you noticed that too? I love their double standard with the "reccomended" stamp. They will claim that new or redesigned models don't get that big check mark because of unknown reliability. Well, that is unless you are a Toyota or Honda and they will give a pass on reliability 'based on previous models'.

Yes Cadillacs do far better than the general public gives them credit for.

Heck, once you get past the light steering and soft suspension even my '70 SDV will take corners faster than anyone who has ridden in it is comfortable with. Cadillac really does a good job on their suspensions, they are just calibrated softer than the naysayers think they should be.

So, you found out that displacement is still king, even with all the fancy technology in a Lexus engine huh? haha, there is no replacement. One of the favorite things I've heard is that a Caddy is only a granny car when driven as such. I think their right feet shrink with age or something...
They really will suck down the gas if you keep your foot in it, but it sure is fun.

I'd definately still get the lowering springs. Probably only drop an inch or so, but I'm more the sporty type and am willing to trade off a bit of the cushiness for faster response when you spin the wheel.
You might want to reconsider the KYB's though for something more deserving like Konis or Bilsteins. Maybe the Caddy KYB's are different, but they have a terrible reputation for making Camaros ride unduly harsh and not really helping the handling.

06-07-06, 12:10 PM
BluEyes -

Thanx for the advice on the shox. I had great luck with Bilsteins on the Mercedes. A great compromise 'tween ride and handling and you've pushed me off the fence with your comment since I sure wouldn't want to destroy the presently FINE ride of the FWB.

As for backup on my comments about American vehicles being panned by the socalled experts, many enthusiast mags (Motor Trend, Car&Driver, etc.) noted that the 5-speed Stratus, IF it had a Honda badge, would have drawn rave reviews from the jerks at Consumer Union. And as for the latter, go look at the biographies of the founders and also the majority of the present wild left wingers who run the show now.

Backing up my disgust with the Naderites are comments by Ford lovers (surprising!) on the Barrett-Jackson shows who continue to note that Corvairs were badly treated by that Scumball Nader considering the far-advanced engineering of the vehicle, especially in view of Nader's forgetting the evil handling of the VW of the time and omitting the Porsche with it's polar moment of intertia EXACTLY POSITONED like that of the Corvair. And Nader's loving constituency was the nutball VW set, anyway.

So Cadillac has suffered at the hands of idiots who find a welcome audience who think its cool to run down Detroit iron while drinking their tea with their pinkies raised high in the air. BAH, HUMBUG!

Now I know, for sure why I always wanted a Cadillac. (Notice I just sold "Wolfie," my old Mercedes.)

06-07-06, 01:15 PM
And so another good soul awakes to the fact than Consumer Distorts is great for picking a blender, but lousy for picking a car. I love that last generation of RWD Fleetwoods. They are everything a Cadillac should be. I'm really glad you like it.

06-07-06, 02:28 PM
Congrats, Rick. Sounds like you are a converted soul. But then again, you basically were converted anyway since you knew which Caddy to buy. :)

Keep in mind that the Eibach springs dropping the car only 1" may be listed as the drop for an Impala SS, since that's what most aftermarket goodies that works on these vehicles was molded after. Since the Impala is already apprximately 1.25" shorter already, that extra 1" may be pretty severe! (Not that it is necessarily a bad thing)

Budget in an F-body sway bar with appropriate end links and hardware and you will really surprise cars half your weight in the twisties. It really is amazing how it can go on a frame that was designed back in 1977 and really wake up the handling abilities.