: First Cadillac

06-05-06, 10:21 PM
Hello, I was looking to get some advice on a couple things if that wouldn't be too much trouble.

I have been looking to get an 80's Cadillac Brougham tor a little while as I absolutely love the bodystyle along with the early 70's eldos and most 70's SDV&CDV but those are impractical because they're hard to find and with a 7.7 to 8.2L engine they're not going to be the most fuel efficient vehicles which is something I can't afford at he present time.

As much as I like these vehicles however I do not think I will be able to buy one right now because in this area they seem to be few and far between with a wide variance in condition and price(looked at a very bad exterior shape '81 FWB with the 6-8-4 and he was asking $2200) so my question is this: Is it a good idea to buy one of these as my first (road legal) car or should I go for something else?

I have looked into a 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS although the insurance may be high but I have not found out yet and they seem to be fairly expensive cars to purchase.

Is there a suggestion that anyone may have for a nice larger RWD vehicle with a comfortable interior, 4 doors, large cargo area and not too bad on fuel? I realise this is asking alot of things for a car especially something that is most likely going to be under $1000 CAD but I would like to see my options.

Thanks for your time.

06-05-06, 10:45 PM
Go for the caddy, my friend is about to get his first car - a '79 Coupe Deville, if you are in more of a "honda civic" place, go with something newer and smaller. if you want a car with great looks and a lot of soul, and are willing to put in some work(if you get an old one) go with the caddy. only you know whats right for you.

06-05-06, 10:56 PM
just keep looking eventually you will find one, one possibility you didn't mention was the late '70's first generation sevilles RWD, comfortable, 350 V8 engine relatively decent looks....something to consider.

06-05-06, 11:21 PM
Thanks for your prompt replies guys!
Yeah I'm hearing what you're saying and I agree. I could get by with a say 91 Chevrolet Sprint but who wants to do that. I don't think it would be a good idea IMO to buy a car I know I will hate. I just looked at a 1977 Eldorado Biarritz in saddle firemist? on ebay and even though its fwd its still a beautiful car and those seats are to die for, I mean I've seen couches with less padding :P

As far as the downsized Seville's I'm not too sure about them I don't particularly like that bodystyle. Nothing against them just doesn't suit my taste.

So far the only thing I've found that I may consider is a 1987(perfect year,no emissions) Brougham d'elegance for $500 CAD but it has a couple issues the main two are it has 430,000km on it and the 307 burns oil(at 430k I'd surprised if it didn't) so I'm thinking of an engine swap later on but for the time being I'd prefer to keep the gas mileage the car gets with the 307 as anemic as it may be. I am planning a cross country trip come summer and really would not like to get halfway there and have it fail in the middle of nowhere. Also the car is quite a ways from me(3.5hrs) and I'm not sure if I will be able to transport it that far.

I am going to keep my eyes peeled locally as they're out there just I don't see them all too often aside from older funeral homes and the likes.

One other thing: Why is the 350ci Diesel such a looked down upon engine? I personally love diesel engines and really wish the US auto market would get to adopting them in cars not just big towing trucks. From what I saw the diesel gets fairly good gas mileage for a large car so that would be the main attraction alongside the cheaper $/L of diesel and price stability(hasn't changed in 3 weeks unlike gasoline)

Again thanks guys and I hope I can become a true member of this site soon enough.

06-05-06, 11:28 PM
the only problem with the diesel is finding one that hasn't been treated like shit, if you find one just remember to treat it like a diesel not a gas engine.