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03-26-03, 07:23 PM
ok so i paid like 4 bucks (that included shipping) for this thing on ebay mostly cause i was curious to see what the sham was. The sale claimed an extra 20 hp to my cts.

Well i got a letter today with the product. The product appears to be a resistor but it claims to be modified dunno what it really is. Two metal feet beige body with one gold on red and two orange lines on it. The instructions read

Advance timing intake sensor modification instructions

1. disconnect the battery
2. Locate IAT aka the manifold air temp. sensor (intake air temperature) sensor plug on air intake tubing.
3. Unplug IAT sensor by lifting tap and pulling off.
4. Take the modified resistor supplied already bent into a u shape.
5. You need to push both ends of the modified resistor into the plug with the wires. you will see two holes in the end of the plug with the wires. Push one end of the modified resistor into the medal on the one side and put the other end of the resistor into the medal of the other hole. (this is the end with the wires)
6. Tape resistor to IAT plug with electrical tape
7. reconnect battery

if you do not have an IAT sensor, then do the above to the coolant temp sensor.
if you cannot locate your IAT sensor, please look in your owners manual or consult your local dealer for the location of the IAT on your vehicle.

:mad: wtf? One wont this void my warranty and two will this do anything???? Anyone out of warranty and have access to a dyno wanna try it out? I dunno antyhing that tells you to use electrical tape on you intake manifold doesnt seem legit. What do you all think?

03-26-03, 09:48 PM
You're just "tricking" the system initially. The PCM will figure out what's going on and compensate for it after awhile, negating any small increase in power you initially got.

03-26-03, 11:30 PM
You got ripped off!

03-27-03, 01:18 AM
It may also cause your check engine light to go on which you may end up going to the dealer to have them clear the DTC's to turn the check engine off. In the process they will download these codes which will tell them what trouble this device may have caused and you may end up spending more money to fix things that never needed fixing in the first place.