View Full Version : New to forum but not Caddy's.....live in FL

01-30-04, 03:27 PM
Here is a link to my only post:


Was wondering if anyone else lives in Tampa Bay area and if they have any rendezvous here for Caddy people. I have organized many for my Boston Whaler forum and even my VW diesel forum. They are a lot of fun believe it or not, especially if beer is involved.:worship:

01-30-04, 03:43 PM
Welcome aboard.... Thanks for signing up :wave:

we have quite a group in Florida, specifically tampa...... They'll probably get another one going too...

Boston whaler... No way!! My grandpa owned (and now run by my uncles) a marina that sells boston whalers, probably one of the longest dealers.... We're the oldest dealer of mercury outboards!! :)

01-30-04, 08:39 PM
Wrong coast. I'm in Titusville/Mims, opposite side of the state. But, Orlando/Kissimee has a place called Old Town, fun auto show there every week. Once my caddy is running again, I'll be hitting it on Fri nights. Bithlo also has Fri night drags, but that's east of Orlando.