: Missing 9 HP

06-03-06, 10:35 PM
So I was just reading about the 06 DTS models and I was wondering why the 'sport' package N* is rated at 291 HP and not 300 anymore. I don't understand why they would de-tune the engine in the sport model.

Anyone have any info or thoughts on this?

06-03-06, 11:01 PM
Relax. The engine makes the same power. The rating system and corrections per SAE changed and the engine is rated at slightly less power per the new procedures. No change in the engine or the actual power output.

06-04-06, 02:57 PM
I always wondered before I know anything about Eldos why did they call it a ESC but it had 25hp less that the ETC. I thought Sport models ment more performance related.

06-05-06, 02:22 AM
Touring > Sport.

06-05-06, 11:21 AM
Cool, I feel much better now.