View Full Version : 08 V 505 Horse LS2?

06-03-06, 07:25 PM
Did I read somewhere that the 08 V will be the 505 horse version of the LS2 as the new Z06?

Hmmm.... We all need to put our thinking caps on... how can we convince the other half that its time for a new daily driver...and keep the 05 with the LS6 as a 'classic hot rod' ?

Need some strategy ideas here... the 505 stock for every day...and the 400 with mods for the 'classic new millenium hot rod' which I do show at the Donut Shop once a month in Huntington Beach.

Come On Fellas (and Ladies) ... help me figure out how to play this .... two V's in the garage.... almost heaven!

turn the key and smile