: Tune Up Questions - Please Help!

01-30-04, 07:55 AM
Throtle Body Cleaning? Top End Cleaning? Motor flush? How much do these procedures cost? How helpful are they? What do they entail? Where can you get it done? I don't have a Caddy Dealership close by. My fuel economy has really gone to...:disappoin The last couple weeks (it's been extremly cold) and I was contemplating a tune-up. Any Thoughts on that anyone? What would I need for a good tune-up? Do I need to take it to a Caddy Dealership or can any competent mechanic do it? Stock plugs and wires or aftermarket? :confused: Recomendations? I was also going to have a new PROM installed at the same time and I'm considering a new heater core also, since the prom and core are in the same general area, aren't they? :confused:
Please let me know. I appreciate your help.

01-30-04, 03:19 PM
this is a good question that I would also like to know. I what exactly is a "tune up" in a cadillac with fuel injection (other than new plugs and wires)?? Also, I have no clue when an engine flush is beneficial; I have heard that it is good, than I have heard it does more harm than good. How can we tell when its good for us and when its bad? I would like to know all this, because I want to make my car run like new and am wondering what that entails??

01-30-04, 03:56 PM
A COMPLETE tuneup should include the following (this is the Wes tuneup)

1. Plugs and wires
2. TB cleaning (remove the TB and clean the plenum as much as possible)
3. Valve decarb (or can of top engine cleaner)
4. Air filter
5. Fuel filter
6. ALL fluids changed: Coolant, ATF (and filter if its about 100k), oil, etc, etc......
7. Thermostat change

Id say any compentant mechanic could do it, if you dont feel comfortable doing it... But most of these thigns are very easy..... Especially the air filter, you dont even need tools to change that puppy!

I personally would use ONLY OEM stuff on that, or OEM equivalent.... Especially plugs and wires, the other stuff you can get at autoparts stores and are nearly as good....

As far as how much these things cost (shop labor not included, I assume you DIY).

1. Im not sure how much they cost, but probably about $100 for plugs and wires.... probably 2 or 3 hours labor...
2. Only the cost of TB cleaner and a new gasket.... 1 hour labor, maybe more depending on the perfection you desire.....
3. Top engine cleaner is about $6/can at your nearest GM dealer..... All you do is get the liquid (not aerosol) and dump it in the brake booster vacuum hose... 30 mins (including the time to let it sit)
4. $5 at an autoparts store... 10 mins to replace
5. $10 at an autoparts store, 30mins to replace
6. This varies... A coolant/tstat change took me the better share of an afternoon, but that includes turining the car on and off, draining, adding, etc.... Tstat only takes about an hour.....

If you want an engine flush, go ahead.... Im not convinced they really do anything.... NOTHING can wipe away years of neglect in oil changes in one easy step... You need to do these things over time.... Look into your oil filler cap, and if you see blackness (not clean metal) then your in trouble....

01-31-04, 07:24 AM
" TB cleaning (remove the TB and clean the plenum as much as possible)" :confused: :confused: :confused: What are you talking about, and please excuse my ignorance. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I need to decide what to do. Help!!! :eek: I don't have much in the way of tools anymore or experience working on modern engines. Now if we were talking about a 69 Nova SS I could tear it down to the block and put it back together, but were not. That means I'll probably need a mechanic. :crying2:

01-31-04, 10:10 AM
These engines arent much harder than the old school, just more stuff.... :)

I assume you know what the TB is and where its located... It should be just 4 bolts to remove it, plus a few hoses.... 30 mins to take it off, no problem.... When you take it off, you will expose a big hole... That hole leads into the plenum, or intake manifold... You want to reach in there and clean as best you can..... Get someone with skinny arms to help if you cant reach all the way in there.....

Basically for these all youll need is a good socket and wrench set, and maybe for the TB an allen socket.....

Id say for a "bare minimum" tuneup youd want to do

air filter
fuel filter

The other things will only provide more smoothness and possibly better fuel economy... If the car is already very smooth, you may or may not benefit from these!!!

02-03-04, 07:27 AM
Any other thoughts on this? Are the heater core and the PROM both in the same compartment behind the glove box? Stock plugs and wires vs aftermarket?
I'd like everyones input that's willing to give it. Oh, and I still don't understand what TB cleaning is. I figure it must mean throttle body, but your talking to a man who grew up with carburators. Help!

02-03-04, 04:03 PM
Ok, think of it as a side-draft carb with no choke or nozzle. Crap still builds up around/on the butterfly, and it needs to be cleaned off once in awhile. You might be suprised at the difference this can make if yours is particularly dirty.