: WhooHOO! I just Broke into Auto Sales!!!

01-30-04, 07:33 AM
:coolgleam I was just hired by Belmont Auto for SALES! They are a good sized Used Vehicle Dealership in S.W. Wisconsin and It will just be me and the Sales Manager. Meaning there isn't two other hungry sales people there I have to trip over. I'm very excited as I have always wanted to try my hand at car (and truck) sales. I will be working there on the days I'm not scheduled at my "old job" at Lands' End, which at this time of the year is only a couple days a week. Come summer I'll decide if I want to go "full time" at Belmont Auto or not.
You now have a friend in the Used Vehicle Game! And yes... they normally have two to three Caddys on the lot! :lildevil: Wish me luck and let me know if your going to be vehicle shopping in my neighborhood, I'll hook you up! :)

01-30-04, 08:19 AM
Good luck dude. Car sales isn't as easy as people think it is. I started my 'sales' and 'auto' career selling used cars then switching to VW's in the '80's. It was a great training ground for sales.

I have a high school friend who turned a used car sales position into owning 2 used car lots which enabled him to buy a huge house in SoCal, not to mention all the cars he gets to take home for free!

01-30-04, 09:56 AM
Good luck!
I have ofen toyed with the idea of going into auto sales. I would love to find something p/t, or becoming a auto broker. My F/T job leaves me with only enough time to shine the caddy on weekends! :banghead2

c5 rv
01-30-04, 10:07 AM
Oh, so you gave in to the Dark Side? :lildevil:

01-31-04, 07:08 AM
:histeric: But, But, He told me he was my father. :histeric: Oh well, since I can't own all the cars I'd like to have, at least I can drive them now and find good homes for them. :bouncy:

01-31-04, 12:13 PM
I was in car sales for 27 years. Then I got out, because I got burnt out & sick of customers & sick of all the crap involved to make a commission of $60.00 selling a $25,000 item.

My advice to you? Get out, NOW! You'll never again the rest of your life have a Saturday "off". Holidays? Not for you! You'll work Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day, and weekdays fro 9AM to 9PM. In some states, Sundays, too! For what? $30,000 a year? Try & support a wife & just 1 child on that! Ha Ha! Better to get a real estate license & sell houses, at least when you make a sale, you'll get some REAL money! You can grow into owning your own real estate office - but you'll never own your own car dealership, unless you have a few mil. to invest.
Respect? Let me tell you, you can be the most chairatable guy in the world, take care of your eldrerly folks, be loyal to your wife, give blood at the red cross, donate your time on Thanksgiving at the shelters, and give everyone a great deal on their car and kiss the boss's behind and you'll STILL never get any respect. People are narrow minded fools and no mater haw wonderful and Christian or Judiaic like you are, they still will look down their noses at you because ""your only a car salesman"" ~ (I am also a graduate of Temple University, Phila, Pa & Journalist (now) and have been for 17 years, and still "old friends" bust me about being a "Stealer" (they mean a dealer - which I was never)......
Sell real estate and make serious $$$ Not $60.00 commissions that you work 4 hours for!

01-31-04, 01:08 PM
Hehe, I forgot about the crappy hours and working holidays. :D

01-31-04, 01:21 PM
Congratulations! I think about being a Car Salesman a lot.. I think I'd do a good job - but can't take the plunge...

01-31-04, 08:46 PM
be sure to tell your cadillac clients to check us out !

01-31-04, 09:13 PM
Congrats! But I hope you are not "too honest" enough to be a used car salesman? ;)

02-01-04, 03:31 AM
Ive wanted to get hired at a local car lot here where I live and just do a shyty job for about a month or so so I can learn alot of ins and outs, then screw it and get my dealers license and start my own selling business. Thing is ive already learned quite a bit from a few dealer friends, sales guys, and others who know the business. You can literally buy a car for 800.00 at the auction, do nothing to do it, and get 1500-3000.00 out of that same car depending on what it is. If you learn quickly and dont screw around having a car business on the side can quickly blossom into a full fledged deal where you never have to work for someone else again. Problem is you gotta get the all important dealers license to get into those auctions, and in some states getting it also requires things like physical land, insurance, bonds, and signage. www.dealerslicense.com is an excellent resource for this.

02-04-04, 07:46 AM
:D Passed my Wisconsin State Salepersons test on the 1st try! :D

"You can literally buy a car for 800.00 at the auction, do nothing to do it, and get 1500-3000.00 out of that same car depending on what it is."

From what I've seen so far, although this is possible it's not a regular occurance. You are going to have some $$$ tied up in Transportation back to the dealership, a few minor parts, Cleaning inside and out, inspecting them thoroughly (State Required), tires, and advertising them. So, even if they don't need parts to pass State Inspection codes, if bought for $800 and sold for $1,500 (much more likely than $3,000) in a few weeks (and some vehicles sit for months) the profit isn't that large. You have to remember that A Dealership has all the costs of a "regular business" plus some with the additional costs of licensing and insurance, etc. So, by the time all the bills have been paid including paying ME to sell it :p, there isn't that much left for the owner. A much more likely senario is... vehicle bought at auction for $6,800 and sold 3 months later for $8,200. I'm not saying there's not money to be made because obviously there is. However, I have already seen cases where a vehicle sells (after sitting 9 months or more) for less than the dealership has in it, and that has to be taken into account too.
Fortunately for me that was the case when I bought my Caddy here (6 weeks before I was Hired.) The sheets show me that we had close to $4,200 in it and yet I bought it for $2,500 because it had been on the lot so long and they wanted to "turn over the inventory."

I'm not trying to be argumentative. This is just what I've learned since being here.
Tim :bouncy: