: Warranty Loner Car

06-02-06, 11:30 AM
Have had 3 loner cars with my STS. Everytime they told me I was supposed to get a Cadillac for a loner car. NEVER has happened. Didn't want to raise a stink just want my car back. Ignition problems galore. The one I'm driving now is from Enterprise. A Buick which smells like half the world has smoked in it. What type of car/service has everyone else here had regarding warranty loner cars? THANKS everyone for any input. I think GM should either QUIT making false claims or live up to their statements.

06-02-06, 03:26 PM
I think it depends more on the dealership than on GM. Yes they (GM) would prefer for you to be in another Caddy (if available) but it is based more on what the dealer has setup locally.

I the past 12 months I have had a total of 14 instances of warranty work requiring a replacement vehicle.

My dealer is a combined Buick/Cadillac dealer and has an "on-site" Enterprise Rental office which is a satellite for their regular rental office less than a block away (all part of an auto plaza).

The dealership office only stocks Cadillacs and their regular office does not carry any.

I have always been provided with a Caddy and specific model would depend on what they had at time of pick-up usually. I drove CTS's, DTS's and SRX's. After so many rentals I knew them well and would call ahead and have them hold a car for me and/or swap out for my preference later if they didn't have it at time of pick-up.

On one other occasion where I was heading to the mountains during winter; the Service Manager "loaned" me a dealer owned Escalade for the weekend so I could have the AWD which the rental SRX's did not.

My understanding from the dealer is that GM picks up the first three days of rental and then they eat the rest if it is over.

That has been my experience at least.

Good Luck!

06-06-06, 04:30 PM
I have same issues. The last few times I have received warranty service, I am offered a car, enterprise picks me up and when I get to their office they tell me sorry...all the cadillacs are gone. The kicker is they say they are required to give me a GM car. On a couple of occassions I have had to wait a significant amount of time while they located a GM model at another branch. Usually a chevy-clean transportation but is no cadillac. I've always noted this when completing the survey sent to me after warranty work...to no avail. Dealer say's its enterprise. Here is another tid bit, my brother in-law actually works for Enterprise, not on the retail side, but nonetheless tells me they usually take a bath on Cadillacs and in years past have purchased less and less. He told me buying at fleet prices and reselling cars is their bread and butter...not the retail business.

06-07-06, 08:35 AM
THANKS BLAKE. What you said about the reselling of the fleet cars makes a lot of sense. For I do NOT think any car depreciates faster than a Cadillac. That's why it pays to buy them USED.