: moldy's V stuff sale prices

06-02-06, 12:38 AM
ok I am not sure if I can do this in this forum so it may be moved to classifieds but here it goes,
I have the FG2 package @ $500.00
the corsa exhaust @ $500
the hotchkiss bars @ $275
the NIB Hawk pads $175
the LPE/ffv tube CAI @ $125
UUC short throw shifter $180
the CAGS! skipshift eliminator @ $25
and the biggie a set of 4 GM optional polished 7 spoke wheels in perfect condition with F1 runflats 5K miles (lots of tread left as i was afraid to drive the car like it should be after the 1st diff replacement) and TPS tire sensors installed (no center caps) $3160.00 paid for this combo for $1900.00

A few of you have emailed me already and if you think these are ok prices you will get them 1st in order of who asked 1st. rick was the 1st PM I got.
If you think I am out of line on prices let me know, I think most is @ 50% of retail
shipping is your cost and i take sea shells, rum and M/O for payment-:)

06-02-06, 12:48 AM
I'm gonna close this.. If you are interested, PM him..