View Full Version : Ok, I've pulled the codes and decoded them...

01-29-04, 11:47 PM
I just bought this car on Tuesday and it's been acting a little funny.
The engine light comes on every time I first start it in the morning.
It has an intermittent reducion of power at WOT in the 4200 rpm range

Now, Here's what I've got

P0404 EGR OPEN position performance (I think just a cleaning?)
P0603 Control module long term memory reset(someone replaced battery?)
P1566 Engine RPM too high- cruise control disabled
P1574 stop lamp switch circuit (Fast Blinker?)
P 1599 engine stall detected (it stalled yesterday)

C1226 excessive wheel spin variation left
C1228 excessive wheel spin variation Right

Can anyone help me out as to what this all means?
Sounds to me that the previous owner beat it a little:mad:


01-30-04, 10:31 AM
Remove the EGR valve and clean the shaft of the valve up inside the passage in the base of the valve. The deposits on it are likely hanging the valve up and hindering it's operation. Don't let solvent run down the shaft into the can of the valve when you are cleaning it as the solvent will harm the electrical windings inside the can. Clean the valve, clear all the codes and drive it and re-evaluate.