: 95 FleetWood up for Auction!!! Chicagoland!

06-01-06, 05:43 PM

You can bid online. Get setup at least 1 day a head of time.

Carfax is clean, 2 owners. Has 371717 miles.
http://www.carfax.com/phoenix/external/viewEmailReport.do?a=99V0WWg97GaEkaos0C68Y2pB%2BL1 FPit6&b=CzgTFa11aUSQQgK%2FuE4dUQ%3D%3D&c=zBTNpJ5ZBag9ZkDfpA6odA%3D%3D

The number of owners is estimated by CARFAX Year purchased 1995 1998 Type of owner Lease --- Estimated length of ownership 3 yrs. 3 mo. 7 yrs. 6 mo. Owned in the following states/provinces New Jersey Illinois Estimated miles driven per year --- --- Last reported odometer reading 84,803 84,851 http://www.carfax.com/share/phoenix/imgclear.gif http://www.carfax.com/share/phoenix/img/clear.gif http://www.carfax.com/share/phoenix/img/clear.gif http://www.carfax.com/share/phoenix/img/clear.gif
CARFAX guarantees the information in this section Salvage (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) | Junk (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) | Rebuilt (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) Guaranteed
No Problem Guaranteed
No Problem Fire (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)/Flood (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) | Hail Damage (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) | Buyback/Lemon (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
No Problem Guaranteed
No Problem Not Actual Mileage (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) | Exceeds Mechanical Limits (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;) Guaranteed
No Problem Guaranteed
No Problem GUARANTEED - None of these major title problems were reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you find that any of these title problems were reported by a DMV and not included in this report, CARFAX will buy this vehicle back (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:popWin%28%27http://www.carfax.com/guarantee/hctermsanddef.cfm%27,%27bbgcert%27,%27width=711,he ight=590,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes%2 7%29;). Register (http://carfax.com/cfm/UUCP_ViewReport.cfm) | View Terms (http://www.carfax.com/guarantee/hctermsanddef.cfm) http://carfax.com/img/clear.gif http://carfax.com/img/clear.gif http://carfax.com/img/clear.gif http://carfax.com/img/clear.gif http://www.carfax.com/share/phoenix/img/sectab_big.gif
Not all accidents or other issues are reported to CARFAX Frame Damage Check (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
No frame damage reported to CARFAX.
No Issues Reported

No Issues Reported

Airbag Deployment Check (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
No airbag deployment reported to CARFAX.
No Issues Reported

No Issues Reported

Odometer Rollback Check (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
No indication of an odometer rollback.
No Issues Indicated

No Issues Indicated

Accident Check (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:%20void%280%29;)
No accidents reported to CARFAX.
No Issues Reported

No Issues Reported

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06-02-06, 05:48 AM
Looks terrific...but I wonder if it really has 371k on it or not? The odo says so, but the Carfax only goes to '99 as far as mileage listings, and then it was at 84k.

They better put some gas in it soon though--just 1 notch showing--can you say toasted fuel pump!

Regardless, could be a nice car if cheap...

06-02-06, 04:57 PM
Wow, that is quite close to me. How tempting....

Last thing I need is another car, especially one with that kind of mileage. Ny guess is that it has a pretty significant problem with it, usually those cars only end up at the auction if it is dirt cheap and dealerships can't shuffle it off their lot fast enough. The Fleetwood usually still commands enough money where it would be worth a dealer's time and space to keep it on the lot.

There is a 93 Fleetwood in Libertyville, IL on the side of Rt. 176 (DCM in color and tinted out with a trailer hitch bar) that looks very nice, has either 160K or 180K miles. FYI for anyone local and wants TBI......

06-03-06, 11:22 AM
For the stated miles, it looks pretty clean in the photos.